Singapore 29 January: Westgate Jurong - Esplanade drive

My First Skool

Today, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run has arrived at 'My First Skool' in Westgate, Jurong.

Some 30 children aged 4 to 6 years old eagerly waiting for the ceremony to begin.

They seemed amazed by what's happening.

Hello, boys and girls.

So who wants to play a game?

Hope-stars are my heart's most intimate friends. -Sri Chinmoy

May my heart's peace-dream remain always active and dynamic. -Sri Chinmoy

Home is where I live. Home is where I am all peace. -Sri Chinmoy

Peace is the only joy worth having. -Sri Chinmoy

I trust. Therefore I last and I outlast. -Sri Chinmoy

The flame from the Peace torch shall radiate the dreams of peace of these young ones into the world.

My outer confidence is founded upon my inner faith.- Sri Chinmoy

I love to have the flaming enthusiasm in all my actions. -Sri Chinmoy

Ms Long Meei Yen, Cluster Quality Manager was delighted to receive the Peace torch.

In Heaven, we see paradise. On earth, we make paradise. -Sri Chinmoy

We thanked you all for having us.

Principal Ms Celine Lau received a token of appreciation from Peace Run President, Salil Wilson.

Next stop: Chatsworth East International School.

The outer voice may speak many languages. The inner voice speaks only one language: the language of the heart. -Sri Chinmoy

We are born to be happy. Therefore, we must create happiness within and without. -Sri Chinmoy

Instead of thinking of everyone, just love everyone. -Sri Chinmoy

When oneness embodies everyone, fulness it becomes. -Sri Chinmoy

Become the beauty and fragrance of the present moment. -Sri Chinmoy

Heaven is available wherever there is oneness. -Sri Chinmoy

Wherever there is love, there is joy. And this joy comes from the soul's oneness. -Sri Chinmoy

Joy is the connecting link between the inner heart and the outer life. -Sri Chinmoy

My heart-language knows no barriers. It only runs, flies and dives. -Sri Chinmoy

Tomorrow's golden secrets are already implanted in today's heart. -Sri Chinmoy

Each good thought enriches me and my heart all at once. -Sri Chinmoy

Whenever we plant sweetness, we gather fulness. -Sri Chinmoy

The heart-dawn can be imaginably powerful. -Sri Chinmoy

All our self-giving thoughts quickly produce a very rich harvest. -Sri Chinmoy

Light does not work against darkness. Light works for the transformation of darkness. -Sri Chinmoy

The transcendental love blooms. Lo and behold, the universal peace blossoms. -Sri Chinmoy

Since we human beings have created the darkest night of the world, it is our bounden duty to illumine the darkest night of the world. -Sri Chinmoy

Each soul takes birth from the beauty of Infinity. -Sri Chinmoy

Intensity increases the beauty of our dreams and the fragrance of our reality. -Sri Chinmoy

With gratitudes in our hearts, we thanked Ms Connor and Chatsworth East International School for having us.

We end our day with a wet but joyous run around the Esplanade and Marina Bay.

Michael Casey, Director of House-keeping at Regent Singapore was very happy to pose with the Peace torch.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our hotel sponsor, Regent Singapore, for the complimentary accommodations. Over the years, Regent Singapore has been constantly active in supporting social causes such as cancer research, animal welfare, and the environment among other causes.