May 1, 2017 Live from the road

Merlion Park

Reported by Urdhacheta Yap 6.2 km

It’s Labour Day and so 8 members of Peace Run team and family decided to have a family outing today, so we did a run dedicated to peace around scenic Marina Bay.

Everyone had a moment to wish for peace in the world.

I am divinely happy and supremely fulfilled because I am blessed by both my mind’s peace-sky and my heart’s sunrise. -Sri Chinmoy

If we want to succeed in accomplishing something immortal, then we needs must have a peace-dream first. -Sri Chinmoy

Only if peace-heart-flowers blossom everywhere will perfection be possible on earthly soil. -Sri Chinmoy

Merlion is the symbol of Singapore, the Lion-city.

Even this little young girl was inspired to run.

Peace is the illumining and fulfilling expansion of my soul-horizon. -Sri Chinmoy

Let’s jump for peace!

Torch carried by
Urdhacheta Yap (Singapore).  
Accompanied by  
Rintu Chakravarty, Hemanta Tan, Amy Tan, Tania Schnuppe, Indira Sivanathan, Wayne Dudley, Emma Dudley, Lara Dudley, Sindhura, Phaneendra, Daisy Lamug, Lavania Jeevan, Harini Jeevan, Lavania Jeevan, Maricel and Urdhacheta.
Urdhacheta Yap
The torch has travelled 6.2 km in Merlion Park.

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