Sept. 30, 2022 Live from the road

Radovljica - Bled

Reported by Rupasi Young 7.0 km

Principal of O.S Antona Tomaza Linharta Boris Mohoric was happy to receive us and run with the team into his school.

The kids gave us a warm welcome.

They are listening very carefully to our message.

She is all ears for the message of peace.

Experiencing peace in the heart...

And then some action for peace.

The kids are excited to hold the torch and pass it along to their classmates.

The final student passes the torch to Principal Mohoric.

Peace Run was honored to receive the President of the Regional Sports Association.

The childrens' choir sang a peace song for the runners.

Time to say goodbye, the track team is waiting to accompany us to the next school.

School core running team joins us.

On to the next school and a very warm welcome from the students at O.S. prof. dr. Josipa Plemlja in Bled.

Mayor of Bled Janez Fajfar greets us and shares his hopes for peace.

The school dance group surprised us with a great performance.

Heartfelt expressions of peace were offered...

and artwork from students passed along to the runners.

Passing the torch...

Principal Natasa Ahacic receives the torch.

Some yoga asana with the kids.

Thank you to Principal Natasa Ahacic!

The refreshments were so welcome!

Mayor Fajfar invited us to storm the Bled
Castle! where we visted an ancient printing press.

The Printmaster showed us his craft and presented us with a Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run 'original' certificate, in the old ways.

Oliveria helped with the printing...

and sealed the document.

Bled Island from the windows of the Castle.

We finished up an excellent afternoon in Bled with lunch at the Tavci Vegan Cafe. Thank you to our great hosts for this delicious meal. And thank you Radovljica and Bled for such a great day.

Torch carried by
Aleš Plíva (Czech Republic), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Jana Duskova (Czech Republic), Narmadyuti Ridzi (Slovenia), Oleksii Sykal (Ukraine), Olivia Lopez (Mexico), Purupriya Dolinar (Slovenia), Rupasi Young (United States), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Viliam Segeda (Slovakia).  
Accompanied by  
Lovro Campa (SI)
Sandro Zincarini
The torch has travelled 7.0 km from Radovljica to Bled.

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