Giugno 20, 2024 Live from the road

Chehalis, Washington - Seattle, Washington

Reported by Arpan DeAngelo 29.0 mi

The sun sets behind the hills across from Rainbow Falls where we set up camp for the night.

It was a very spacious and lush campsite with pine and fir trees and a cool and clean river rushing through it..

After a pretty cold night of camping we packed up our tents which were nestled in a small grove and we were back on the road again.

Pransukh enjoying the warmer weather as the sun came out in the morning.

Salil puts in his miles with some challenging hills.

Arpan runs into Centralia where we were greeted by two photographers from the local newspaper.

One of the reporters from the local newspaper making a wish for peace and offering her goodwill.

While they were waiting for the runner to arrive they take a few moments to share the Peace Torch to make a wish for peace and have a few photo-ops with each other.

While running on the road we sometimes encounter a few wild but beautiful animals.

When we reached Tacoma we went to the weekly Farmer's Market to meet with the Mayor of Tacoma.

Salil passes the Peace Torch to Mayor Victoria Woodards of Tacoma.

Mayor Woodards was so happy to meet our international team.

The Mayor shares the Peace Torch with Elizabeth Pauli of the City Attorney's Office.

Elizabeth offers some kind words of wisdom as the greets our Peace Run team.

Bucoda Warren from the City Manager's office offers his wishes for peace as he holds the Peace Torch.

We present the Mayor with our Certificate of Appreciation. We are so grateful that she and her assistants came out here to meet us and share with us some of her words of wisdom.

Salil makes friends with one of the vendors at the Farmer's Market.

He was delighted to come out and make a wish for peace, while Salil holds a slice of the pizza he purchased.

Mayor Woodard's joined in to take a photo with Ted and a friend.

The women's team gets ready to run in the afternoon.

Meeting some peaceful locals along the way.

Egi runs with Harita in one of her last runs before having to go back home soon. We will miss her selfless oneness as part of the women's team since Oklahoma City a month ago.

Virangini, our fearless driver for the women's team, is enjoying the northwest coast but had to leave us soon also.

We finally made it to the big and beautiful city of Seattle situated along Puget Sound.

We were generously treated to a fantastic dinner at the Sunlight Cafe by our friends here in Seattle. Now we are just over halfway on our run around the U.S. and parts of Canada, It is a real blessing to have so many friends in this part of North America to offer such energizing encouragement and support. We are also very grateful to those who have contributed in many ways to help us get to this point in this long and successful peace journey so far.

Torch carried by
Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu (Mongolia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Pransukh Marks (United States), Roxana Magdici (Romania), Salil Wilson (Australia), Varunavi Glabnikova (Slovakia), Virangini Afzal (United States).  
Arpan DeAngelo, Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu, Harita Davies, Salil Wilson
The torch has travelled 29.0 mi from Chehalis, Washington to Seattle, Washington.

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