Turkey 3 October: Pozantı - Niğde

Welcome to Anatolia.

Pozantı was very kind to us with the accommodation and dinner. After days of running it was very rewarding.

The hotel was on the hillside above the town.

After an unsuccessful attempt to eat the whole huge breakfast we descended down to the town.

Outside the municipality people can lend book for free in a public bibliothek.

The city headed by Mayor Mustafa Çay also does many many other projects for the people. It was truly inspiring to have a chat with the Mayor and see how the small village quickly grew into such nice town! He definitely has a big heart for the local people.

The Mayor introduced us in the first school - Yatılı İlköretim Bölge Okulu.

The kids very listening very carefuly and quietly.

The Mayor has taken the lead and all cheerfully and obediently followed.

Certificate of our Appreciation to the school principal for preparing such nice event.

Everyone is happy to see the next school in Pozantı.

Here we are - Atatürk Ortaokulu!

Another school and yet another kind of kids. It's interesting how the character of places and people changes so quickly here.

Sharing a moment of peace.

It's not so common that the Mayor runs with us so much. We have to say that this one is really fit!

We appreciate very much that the school participated in the Run!

It's easy to have friends everywhere, really, especially in Turkey.

Bye bye, Pozantı!

Onward through the Taurus mountains.

With nice people all around.

Milan recommends this particular gas station company.

And Pranava challenges the hills.

Hacı Avşar, the Mayor of Ulukışla was very kind to invite us for çay into his office. As in Pozantı they too strive to improve the life of locals.

Under Atatürk's statue a group picture we took.

As it was getting cold outside we enjoyed very much local lentil soup. With extra chilli and lemon it was excellent for running!

First we visited the Kurtuluş Ortaokulu.

The English teacher was eager to translate for us, so our Turkish runner Ali had some free time.

We were glad to take a look inside the classroom, finally! Very curious.

After some çay with the school representatives we presented the school the Certificate of Appreciation.

And shared the torch once more.

The Mayor invited us to see local karavansaray.

It's one of the most preserved, with integrated heating system, stables, inn and hamam (turkish bath).

Meanwhile, outside the weather was getting colder and colder.

The Mayor has bravely started our run from Ulukışla even in the strong wind.

But after running through yet another mountain pass we were finally welcomed by Anatolia!

Anatolia is a land of large yellow-brown plains, strong wind and hillly landscape.

It posseses yet another kind of beauty, again very different from other regions.

We were soon getting closer to the irrigated areas of Niğde.

Windy, windy.

Our tiny car. The other one is even smaller.

Ali is checking out local "grass".

Finally, the Anatolian town of Niğde!