Sept. 19, 2018 Live from the road

Cape Town

Reported by Penelope Nam 2.0 km

Last year the Peace Run team was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon.

Delighted to participate once again, our team joined the Cape Town Marathon organisers, this time in a series of events leading up to the marathon that was to be held on the 23rd September. With "Peace" at the forefront of all its initiatives, and in particular using sport as a tool for social change, the events organised through the Cape Town Marathon's RUN4CHANGE Legacy Program were extended to include visits to schools with the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run team.

Zimasa Primary School

Our scheduled visit to Zimasa Primary was unfortunately delayed by about 2 hours as the team flying in from Johannesburg were grounded due to technical issues on board the flight. By the time we arrived the wet and rainy Cape Town weather also didn't permit all 1400 students to gather outside in the school's courtyard, as originally planned, but we were still heartily welcomed by a smaller gathering of students in their computer laboratory, as seen in the photos.

We were joined by Mr Allen Barnes and a colleague from the Western Province Athletics Association as well as Councillor Mzwakhe Nqavashe.

Abhijatri addressing the learners and introducing our Peace Run Team.

Snug!...we all fit into the computer room. Children standing and seated to meet us, even catching a quick photo or two!

Mr Allen Barnes and a colleague from Western Province Athletics in the foreground of the photo.

Councillor Mzwakhe Nqavashe holding the Peace Torch with Penny Nam addressing the students and talking about feeling peace in our hearts.

Think they guessed correctly which country Penny is from!

Mr Fezile Mguqulwa, the principal of Zimasa Primary, addressing all present. He said that while not all 1400 students were able to gather today because of the rain, the rain in itself was Peace in another form, a respite and blessing from the severe water shortages that Cape Town has recently experienced.

Councillor Mzwakhe addressing the students. He encouraged them to feel peace in their lives and to bring it into their homes, to participate in sport and to train so that they too can one day, run the Cape Town marathon.

Attentive listeners.

A moment to capture!

So eager to hold the Peace Torch, and even touch the flame?

Holding the Peace Torch gives everyone joy, so much so that even Principal Fezile Mguqulwa broke into dance with Councillor Mzwakhe and the students.

The teachers taking a moment to wish for peace. Thank you Zimasa Primary School for welcoming us so warmly and for waiting so patiently for our team to arrive.

Torch carried by
Abhijatri Robinson (South Africa), Balarka Robinson (South Africa), Penelope Nam (South Africa).  
Abhijatri Robinson, Balarka Robinson
The torch has travelled 2.0 km in Cape Town.

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