Germany 28 April: München - Peiting

school time

Schooltime in Germany!

We arrived in the "Prof. Otto-Speck-School" and the kids lined up for High Five...

...teacher's punishment for cheating...

The kids performed for us...

..after passing the torch we took the kids for a run around the school...

..and a final group picture. Thank you for the nice meeting!

The primary school "Blutenburgstrasse" was next:

...a very enthusiastic welcome... took a while to pass the torch to all the kids...

...a school-yard stampede...

...a certificate for the school... was difficult to get all kids on the group picture. A big Thank You for the enthusiastic meeting!

Our next meeting brought us to Castle Nymphenburg.

Castle Nymphenburg is the Summer Residence of the Bavarian heir to the throne, Max Emanuel.

Our team arrived..

...we met Mr. Schwab, the representative of the administration of the castle as well as an old friend of the Peace Run, Mrs. Ida Hochstätter.

Mrs. Ida Hochstätter received the Peace Run several times in her function as a city council member of Munich. For her efforts in the community to work for the ideals of the Peace Run, we awarded her with the Torch Bearer Award.

Thank you for the heartfelt meeting!

Starnberg was next. The deputy mayor welcomed our team.

Thank you for the welcome!

We arrived in Peiting.

The mayor and the community representative for Sports received us on the main square with Champagne!

Thank you Peiting you for the warm welcome!