May 30, 2021 Live from the road


Reported by Samalya Schäfer 10.0 km

On the 30th of May, an International Team of Peace Runners, Peace lovers and Runners from local running clubs met in Berlin at the Schlachtensee. We ran the 5km loop around the lake together in the spirit of the Peace Run and its founder Sri Chinmoy, who believed that World-Peace can be achieved through the blossoming of peace in each individual heart.

Before the run we introduced the Peace-Torch, and asked the team to tell some stories about the global Peace Run-relay that visits many countries in Europe and around the world. This is Esmeralda from Spain.

Carlos from Brazil.





We sang the Peace run Song and had a little Peace-Meditation with the words “Peace begins with me”- which was the slogan of this Peace Run Event. Then we invited Volkmar Scholz, the Initiator of this Event, on the Stage to say a few words.
Many years ago, he received the Peace Torch Bearer Award for his untiring dedication to supporting blind and disabled athletes to reach their potential and many other community and charity projects in different parts of the world.

Now we run!

An enthusiastic runner from Dortmund!

Anni Stephan (right) is the world record holder for the 100km on a treadmill.

Elite runners!

Cooling off.

Thank you Berlin. We look forward to returning with the Peace Torch soon.

Torch carried by
Carlos Machado (Brazil), Devarupi Buczkowska (Poland), Dinesh Gmeiner (Germany), Esmeralda Vicedo (Spain), Helen Beyer (Germany), Lucas Szeles (Germany), Mahiya Lindner (Germany), Pramodan Gmeiner (Germany), Samalya Schäfer (Germany).  
The torch has travelled 10.0 km in Schlachtensee.

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