Mar. 4, 2014 Live from the road

Pilar de La Horadada - Benidorm

Reported by Tom McGuire 127.0 km

Sunrise on the Mediterranean Sea

and we went straight to the "Colegio Nacional el Mirador"

the kids lined up for "High Fives"

the children were participating very well...

do you know the country I am from?


I want a Pinguin stamp, too

Great, we got all the continents!

As it was the last day of the carneval, everyboy was quite excited!

The kids sang for us the Peace Run Song (in English)

...and the teachers ran a lap, too

Thank you Mirador for the really nice meeting!

...the Run continued and we reached the Colegio Publico No.17 in Los Dolses.

The school turned out to be very spontaneous, as we arrived without appointment...

...the kids come from many different countries, so it was very easy for them to guess our nationalities...

...waiting for the torch...

a quick run across the schoolyard

Thank you for the spontaneous meeting!

Torch carried by
Albena Margeritova (Bulgaria), Alexandar Lukac (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Eszter Koncz (Hungary), Irena Majerová (Czech Republic), Marc Schrader (Germany), Tereza Přecechtělová (Czech Republic), Thomas Strohn (Germany), Tom McGuire (New Zealand), Vladimir Salnikov (Moldova).  
Alexandar Lukac, Vladimir Salnikov
The torch has travelled 127.0 km from Pilar de La Horadada to Benidorm.

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