Oct. 25, 2017 Live from the road

Parla - Toledo

Reported by Devashishu Torpy 25.0 km

This morning we were invited to the Parque del Universo, a Nature Park in Parla, to participate in the inauguration of a walking trail connecting two parks. Thank you to Marta and Lola who work with the Sports Department in Parla.

Approximately 300 pensioners are gathered for the occasion.

Javier, the Director of Sports in Parla, addresses the gathering.

The Mayor, Luis Martinez, welcomes the Peace Run.

Everyone is invited to walk the 5km trail with the Peace torch.

We are invited into the Sports Department offices.

In the city of Toledo we meet representatives from the Jewish and Catholic faiths.

Present at our meeting are Juan Manuel Uceta,director of the Diocesan Secretariat for Interfaith Relations in Toledo (director del Secretariado Diocesano de Relaciones Interconfesionales en Toledo) and Natalia Cogut, Director of communications of the Jewish community (directora de comunicaciones de la comunidad Judia).

Toledo is 50kms south of Madrid and used to be the capital of Spain. 600 years ago it was a city that embraced people of all religions.

Torch carried by
Albena Margeritova (Bulgaria), Anke Riedel (Germany), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Esmeralda Vicedo (Spain), Zina Palic (Moldova).  
Zina Palic
The torch has travelled 25.0 km from Parla to Toledo.

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