Ene. 30, 2018 Live from the road

Pedrezuela - Madrid

Reported by Esmeralda Vicedo 5.0 km

Pedrezuela, small town next to the mountains of Madrid with a big heart. One of the school invited Peace Run to celebrate the School day of Peace and no violence. They organized workshops, relay runs through the town and a lot of fun.

The crowns of peace made by 3-year-old students. So inspired children!

little children talked about peace and sung the Peace Run song. All the children weard white T-shirt and a self made Peace Run logo So cute!!!

Visiting a class, the children had peace doves made of paper on their heads. They told me all about Peace Run and the founder Sri Chinmoy. They were so good informed and all the classes were decorated with items about Peace Run.

Peace Run made great friends at the school and all wanted to known more about Peace Run and of course the Torch.

The children were so eager to get out and start running. Such an energy!

The little children started outside to be ready for the run. They sing the World Harmony song in Spanish and English.

And finally they could run and run and run with the Toarch and the Spanish flag. It was a relay run, they had to give the Tourch to the next group of kids.

Here the kids are waiting very eargers to the Toarch.

The received the Toarch and wanted to have a nice picture to remember the special moment.

The teacher gave the Torch to the next group.

and now... it is their time to run ...

This class did a own banner. It was so artistic and colorful .

At the end all the children run to the sport place of the town, where the parents and the mayor were waiting for the Torch.

They built a small stage to present Peace Run to all the town. We also had background music and it was.... of course Pecae Run song.

The children of Pedrezuela wanted to send a message of Peace to the rest of the children of the World through the Torch. The chain of wishes for peace started with the sport counsilor of Pedrezuela.

The mayor of the town, Arturo, gave us a talk full of peace, tolerance, respect as well as a future of hope for the people represented by the new generations

The school principal, Maria, was so happy to have Peace Run in the School. They did a great job organizig all the activities. Thanks Maria for this opportunity to meet such inspired children.

And at the end to remember this special day, Arturo (the Mayor) and Maria (the principal of the school) received the certificat award from Peace Run and a "World Harmony" Jharna kala. We encorauged them to continue doing such a good job for the peace and to show the children the way of Peace and Tolerance. Hasta la vista Predezuela!!!!

Torch carried by
Esmeralda Vicedo (Spain).  
Accompanied by  
Profesores y Alumnos del CEIP Santa Ana de Pedrezuela (Madrid)
Esmeralda Vicedo
The torch has travelled 5.0 km in Pedrezuela - Madrid.

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