May 31, 2024 Live from the road

Chula Vista, CA - San Diego, CA

Reported by Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu, Harita Davies 16.0 mi

We started our day with a team meeting at Noble Learning, a beautiful store and gallery/meditation space in Normal Heights owned by local Peace Run Coordinator, Vasudha.

A delicious breakfast was supplied!

We will visit 3 schools today! Our wonderful local school co-ordinator, Manorath, filled us in on all the details.

Our first school of the day was Fahari L. Jeffers. This is our second visit to this wonderful place!

Several hundred young children were ready for some fun!

We were in the super competent hands of two MC's: Student Council Rep Charlie Vanderhoff, (centre), and Student Council President Jacob De La Cruz (far right). Cash Pereyra, pictured on the left, read a beautiful poem he wrote about peace.

Its always fun to show our route to everyone.

Feeling peace in our hearts.

These adorable kids from the Dual Immersion Class performed a song from Mexico.

These kids perormed a song and dance from Cuba!

Ken Seaton-Msemaji, husband of the schools namesake, the late Fahari Jeffers, spoke about the great importance of working for peace. He and his wife were Civil Rights Leaders, also founding the United Domestic Workers of America in 1977, an organisation that has grown to include over 70, 000 members.

Congratulations to Kim Pond and Rachel Kuzara, two teachers who were nominated by the entire teacher body to receive our Torch-Bearer Award!

Chula Vista Elementary School District Superintendant, Dr Eduardo Reyes, led all the teachers in a lap around the field, with the kids cheering them on. Dr Reyes also gave a very inspiring speech about the importance of each one of us being the best we can be.

We are extremely grateful to Fahari Jeffers Principal, Dr Shawna Codrington, for arranging our visit today. Here she is pictured reading a quote by Peace Run Founder, Sri Chinmoy.

Thank you teachers! Your role in building a peaceful world is most significant!

The kids all ran a lap of the field also.

Time to pass the torch!

Kids love the little country cards!

Gatisheela, originally from Vietnam but a local, shares the torch with two new friends ;)

Running to the next school, John Muir Language Academy.

These kids from Peace Patrol were ready and eager to carry our torch into the stunning new premises of John Muir Language Academy.

The school Principal, Dr Rendon, pictured far left, also ran with us.

The entire school was lining the entrance to welcome us!

We love our new team!


These kids sang a Spanish song for us- some of the words to the song are on the banner!

These kids performed a dynamic and fun dance!

World Harmony Run song with actions!

This sweet child received the Torch-Bearer Award on behalf of a beloved teacher who was not able to be present to receive it.

Mar Cardenas-Loutzenhizer organised many aspects of our visit today. She has a truly beautiful heart and remembered the Peace Run well from when we visited a different school some years ago. Her dedication to making the world a more peaceful place can be felt in everything she says and does. She definitely deserved receiving our Torch-Bearer Award!

We always love to recognise the teachers, but never saw them all link arms in this way before- thank you all for making the world a better place!

School Principal, Dr Rendon, led the running teachers around the cheering children- these kids definitely love their teachers!

Ms. Cardenas holding up an artwork by Peace Run Founder, Sri Chinmoy, entitled "World Harmony".

Time to hold the torch and make a wish for peace!

Some kids made their own torches!

Beautiful artwork by the children!

These kids chose great Peace Builders from History to highlight- Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Mays Angelou , Elenor Roosevelt and others!

We even dedicated a peace tree! This is a Spanish Immersion School.  The quote by Peace Run Founder, Sri Chinmoy, translates to: 

Only the peace-dreamers,  Peace-lovers  And peace-servers  Can transform the world.

The tree had origami peace doves hanging from it!

The best homemade Peace Torches ever!

Ms. Cardenas class is truly blessed to have such a wonderful teacher!

We were happy to meet Gary Loutzenhiser, husband of the great Ms Cardenas!

Our final school of the day was Webster Elementary.

Papaha from San Diego led us in a peace visualization exercise.

The UTK kids performed "You got a friend in me..." with actions. They are only four years old, and most of them knew the song so well- it was beyond adorable!

Happy birthday Emma!

Happy birthday John!

Guessing our countries is always a fun game!

School Principal, Dr Beverly Prange, offered the Torch-Bearer Award to keynote speaker and former School Principal, Lillie McMilan. Lillie beautifully and powerfully spoke to the audience of children and adults using the word peace as an acronym. Dr Prange used to be the principal of Finney Elementary where we have visited many times. We are so happy she welcomed us to her new school!

School teacher, Michael Knauf, proudly presented the chosen student, Nylah Chappell, with the Torch-Bearer Award.

Congratulations Nylah!

Dr Prange with the next Torch-Bearer recipient, Brenda Brown. Brenda will be retiring from a lifetime of service to the school as Secretary and so much more, Thank you Brenda for sharing your beautiful heart with us all!

In memory of Brenda, the school is planting a garden, and even made this plaque "Ms Brenda's Garden"!!

These kids clearly love Lillie, they were lining up for hugs!

Time for peace wishes!

Roxana liked this one!

Beautiful art by the kids lined the walls!

We were honored to make a new friend, Camilla Thomas, who kindly shared how much she loved our presentation and the feeling it gave to her heart- thank you Camilla!

Torch carried by
Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu (Mongolia), Gabriele Settimi (Italy), Gatisheela Truong (Vietnam), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Homagni Baptista (Australia), Jozsef Dicso (Hungary), Papaha Gosline (United States), Pransukh Marks (United States), Puroga Theobald (Hungary), Roxana Magdici (Romania), Salil Wilson (Australia), Teekhnata Metzler (United States), Vasudha Deming (United States).  
Erdenetsetseg Gankhuu, Harita Davies, Homagni Baptista
The torch has travelled 16.0 mi from Chula Vista, CA to San Diego, CA.

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