May 19, 2016 Live from the road


Reported by Varunavi Glabnikova 4.0 km

Lots of schools on the programme today! at 0830 we were met by Government Officials, Destry and Mr. Arwelson, to be lead to school visits all the way around Pohnpei:
1. Saladak Elementary School
2. Sapwalap Elembery School
3. Nanpei Memorial Elementary and Nanpei Memorial High School
4. Sekere Elementary School

(We may actually need to come back to some parts of the route to run it with the Torch… Stay tuned!)

We started at Saladak Elementary School with very attentive students.

Each new school was like a new jewel offered to the Peace Run. All so unique and different, but you could really feel that each student who was there really understood the meaning and purpose of the Peace Run.

It was hard for us to stop the silence felt when we all did the moment of silence and all tried in our own way to feel the Peace and oneness inside our hearts.

Most of them expressed a wish to become a member of the Peace Run team.

Principal Joseph Amor received the Certificate of Appreciation from us.

The students were also very disciplined while running with the Peace Torch around their school field.

In return, we received fresh coconuts (our first today) and savoured the coconut water to the last drop.

It was an excursion day at the Sapwalap Elementary School and most of the students were out, so our presentation had more of a family/community feeling in it.

Principal Arison Abraham welcomed the Peace Run to his school.

Principal Arison Abraham receiving the Certificate of Appreciation.

The smaller number of kids in school today gave us a possibility to play a “passport game” with the kids.

This game consisted of collecting stamps of all continents in their “Peace passports” ...

... while running through various stations representing each continent in their school field. Here they are running to "Europe." They seemed to enjoy it.

One happy student who travelled around the world!

As we drove out, the students were on their way home – all carrying their Passports.

When you are on a tropical island, you can’t resist taking photos like these ...

At first the big number of students of both Nanpei Memorial Elementary & High Schools surprised us.

At this school of 800 you saw the students descending on us and sitting around in all areas of the school. One teacher said: “You better get ready – they are excited about the Peace Run coming!”

Here we are trying to figure out how to best speak to 800 students who were currently surrounding us ...

... but fortunately there was a way for us to be seen and heard during our presentation. The balcony proved to be the best place for us.

Evaleen and Calvin Charley were brave enough to come up to the balcony and hold the banner for us.

Here the team is welcomed to Nanpei Memorial Elementary and High School by Vice Principal, Stevenson Frederick.

Given the unexpected and immediate thunderous applause after having started the Peace Run song, we felt like we were singing a hit from the charts.

Teaching the World Harmony Run song as the heavens opened!

Even the downpour did not deter the students from finding peace within themselves.

A few of the High School students taking shelter.

The Principals of Nanpei Memorial Elementary and High School – Arthur Hebel and Centry Paul – receiving the Certificates of Appreciation.

A huge thanks for more gifts that we received: we tasted them on our journey back home, they were delicious! The Elementary School kindly offered gifts of coconuts and mangos for the team ...

... while the High School sweetly offered each of us a basket of fruit to take with us.

Christy Arkinson and Emerson from the World Teach Organisation are working here as volunteers.

Chief ECE Mr. Arwelson graciously introduced us at the Sekere Elementary School.

We instantaneously felt at ease in this very welcoming environment and because of such a big receptivity we stayed longer than planned.

The wonderfully enthusiastic Principal, Loriano Martin, receiving the Certificate of Appreciation. He also helped with the translation where needed and helped us to direct the kids for the run with the Peace Torch.

Joanna Williams sang a very beautiful song for the Peace Run with two students doing actions to it, which warmed our hearts.

The students took the opportunity of making their wish while holding the Peace Torch quite conscientiously and gave it a deep thought.

We promised to carry all those unconditional wishes for world peace and harmony with us to the next country, continent and then around the world.

Running around the gym.

The whole family ...

Each student then came up and personally thanked us and shook our hands.

Some refreshments offered to the Peace Run at the conclusion of the Ceremony.

At this, our final school of the day, we realised it was the first school we ran past during our Peace Run the day before. Some of the students remembered us running through yesterday, which was nice to know.

We received beautiful head garlands and more mangos, bananas and coconuts.

One of the teachers kindly opening one of our coconuts for us ... YUM!!!!

The abundant generosity from all the schools from today! We will be trying our hardest to eat every last one.

In the afternoon we went for a quick run/hike/walk with the Peace Torch to picturesque Liduduhniap waterfalls and soaked in more of this beautiful nature around us.

Torch carried by
Nurari Merry (Great Britain), Stacey Marsh (New Zealand), Uddyogini Hall (Australia), Varunavi Glabnikova (Slovakia).  
Stacey Marsh, Uddyogini Hall
The torch has travelled 4.0 km in Pohnpei.

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