July 22, 2013 Live from the road

Cardiff, Wales - Bristol, England

Reported by Devashishu Torpy 33.0 km

The team for this years run:
Serena and Rebecca (mother and daughter)
Home: London
Profession: Schoolgirl and Vet

Home: Salzburg
Profession: Musical Instruments business manager

Home: Lvov, Ukraine
Winner of Edinburgh and Belfast marathons 2013
Marathon PB 2.36

Home: Salzburg
Profession: Waiter

Shramaniya (left)
Home: Zlin, Czech Republic
Shop manager

Mukuli (right)
Home: Zurich
Law Student

Home: Oxford, England
Profession: Teacher

Home: Mongolia
Profession: Philosopher

Home: London, England
Profession: Chi Running Instructor

Home: Prague, Czech Republic
Sports Shop Assistant

Home: Germany

Home: London, England
Profession: Nutritionist

Home: Cambridge
Profession: Gardener

Home: Prague, Czech Republic
Profession: Sports Shop Assistant

Home: Bristol
Profession: Computer Programmer

Karnayati (right)
Home: Ottawa, Canada
Ultra Runner

Home: Pontypool, Wales
Ultra Runner

Home: Heidelberg, Germany
Channel Swimmer and Ultra Athlete

Home: London, England
Event Manager

The Great British Peace Run began in Cardiff, Wales. Napoleon Bonaparte said, “An army marches on its stomach”, so it is imperative that the runners begin the day with a good sized breakfast. Breakfasts don’t come bigger than the one’s in the United Kingdom!

The meal was cooked and served on a light house ship in Cardiff Bay and the kitchen staff held the torch. We then made our way to the start point for the Peace Run, the World Harmony Statue which was inaugurated in March 2012.

The run will take 6 days and will finish at another Peace monument in the town of Ipswich in the East of England. The monuments offer people an opportunity to take a few moments to contemplate Peace and to hold the torch.

Our youngest runner, Serena, aged 12, started the Peace Run by leading us to the nearby school, Mount Stuart Primary School. We have visited this school on previous runs and consider the staff and students to be our very good friends.

This was the last day of the summer term for the children and therefore our only visit to a school on this Peace Run.

Devashishu presents the torch and tells the children all about the Peace Run. Our good friend and head teacher, Peter Morris looks on. Peter ran with the runners in Cardiff on our visit in 2012.

The school were very keen for every child to have the opportunity to hold the torch, so a large circle was formed outside.

It was a glorious hot summer day. Finally we said farewell to the school and Balavan led us off, through the city of Cardiff .

The unusually high temperature (30 degrees) took us all by surprise. After running through Newport we finally arrived at the final section of our first day – the Severn and Wye Bridge which connects Wales and England.

This wonderful bridge was dedicated to Peace on 15th November 1991, and remains a beacon of inspiration for all those who cross it.

Torch carried by
Abichal Sherrington (Great Britain), Adam Thornton (Great Britain), Bahumanya Guy (Great Britain), Balavan Thomas (Great Britain), Dave Johnson (Great Britain), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Jana Duskova (Czech Republic), Karnayati Morison (Canada), Kokila Chamberlain (Great Britain), Martin Lacker (Austria), Matthias Eckerle (Germany), Medhavati Nasan-ULzil (Mongolia), Mukuli Iljazovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Petra Kasterova (Czech Republic), Rebecca Kullich (Great Britain), Sahadeva Torpy (Great Britain), Samunnati Lehonkava (Ukraine), Serena Kullich (Great Britain), Shramaniya Gasparikova (Slovakia), Suswara Payne (Great Britain), Usika Muckenhumer (Austria), Vasanti Niemz (Germany).  
Adam Thornton, Bahumanya Guy, Mukuli Iljazovic, Sahadeva Torpy, Shramaniya Gasparikova, Vasanti Niemz
The torch has travelled 33.0 km from Cardiff, Wales to Bristol, England.

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