June 1, 2014 Live from the road

Cardiff - Bristol

Reported by Salil Wilson 90.0 km

On May 31 our morning began with a moment of silence at the statue of Sri Chinmoy in the capital of Wales, Cardiff.

We headed off over the Severn Bridge which was dedicated as a Sri Chinmoy Peace Bridge in 1991.

On the English side we stopped for a photo with the plaque. We were a little sorry to leave Wales as we had enjoyed some of the nicest running through the deserted country roads and exquisite countryside.

One June 1st we didn't actually have any running to do but we did participate in the Self-Transcendence Try a Tri! With two of us competing and the rest helping out. We began the race briefing with a short inroduction and then sang the Peace Run song.

All of the trialthon competitors getting ready.

Race Director, Gaga, gave a humourous and informative race briefing.

Co-Race Director Kokila keeping track of swim laps.

European Coordinator, Dipavajan, represented the men's team in the triathlon.

Helpful marshals were only too ready to provide assistance.

Devashishu provided helpful directions.

Many families were on hand to support their athletes.

Each swimmer received a gentle tap on the shoulder to alert them they were starting their last lap.

Sukhada represented our women's team in the triathlon.

Dave was the winner!!!

Carlos and Akrura, from Brazil, offer their congratulations.

Dipavajan on the home stretch.

Happy finishers.

The whole gang of family and friends.

If it wasn't for the support crew Dipavajan might not have made it. Actually, he didn't need their help at all, they're just enjoying the reflected glory!;-)

Great going Sukhada!!!

Sumangali made sure everyone got a lovely ceremic mug and a souveneir T-shirt.

Harikanta enjoys the warm weather.

Thank you

Torch carried by
Akrura Bogea (Brazil), Balavan Thomas (Great Britain), Carlos Machado (Brazil), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Harikanta Ketova (Russia), Irena Majerová (Czech Republic), Istidad Alvarado (Guatemala), Robert Benedek (Hungary), Salil Wilson (Australia), Sukhada Korshunova (Russia), Thomas Strohn (Germany), Tom McGuire (New Zealand), Uhaina Maya (Mexico).  
Dipavajan Renner, Irena Majerová
The torch has travelled 90.0 km from Cardiff to Bristol.

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