Greece 26 December: Kalamata

Final Peace Run for 2016

Our last Peace Run of the year was a 10 km run in the beautiful city of Kalamata on the coast of Greece.

We were warmly welcomed by Kalamata's gracious Deputy Mayor Hon. Nikos Mpasakidis.

The Deputy Mayor greeted all the runners from more that 25 countries.

Running the first few steps of our route he made sure we got off to a good start.

Our route was 10 km and took us along the beautiful Kalamata coastline.

Our turn around point was our hotel Elite City Resort and some of the staff came out to cheer us on.

Upon arriving back to the Kalamata City square many of the locals requested us to sing again. So we sang the Peace Run song and World Harmony Run song again as well as one of Sri Chinmoy's songs on Peace.

Each runner announced their country and then the Deputy Mayor presented a certificate of participation.

We passed the torch to the local citizens.

Special thanks to the Police and Rescue teams who very kindly attended to ensure the safety and good health of all the participants.

The Deputy Mayor very kindly wrote quite a few names on certificate in Greek which was quite exciting for the runners.

Bijoy (left) and Yatkara (right) were our two photographers.