Greece 17 January: Heraklion


The island of Crete in the winter months.

A blue and peaceful sky

Preparing the torch for Pangritio School in Heraklion.

We have a large Peace Run team representing more than 25 countries.

These two girls are from the Netherlands!

Victoria is from Colombia.

The children create a relay, passing the torch from runner to runner.

Irini is our coordinator. her name means 'Peace' in Greek!

The Director Ms Maria Astrinaki offers us some biscuits. Greek tradition has it that the last person to get a biscuit will be the next person to get married!

Our friendly bus driver Mr Manolas.

It is a windy day along the craggy shore.

Our next visit is to The European school. Here there are children who were born in many different countries.

Their English is very good and they are very quick to guess the nationality of our runners.

Jonina is from the land of volcanos - Iceland.

To of our Czech runners demonstrate what the world looks like when Peace is absent.

Peace means kindness, concern and self-giving!

Each student has the opportunity to hold the torch of Peace.

Papaha from California offers some very high fives!

Mt Stergios Xatzakis, the Director, holds the torch with one of our Guatemalan runners, Gabriel.

In the Basilico in Heraklion the Peace Run is officially welcomed to Crete by the Municipality.