May 5, 2013 Live from the road

Gyula - Tótkomlós

Reported by Agadha Szekely 81.0 km

Hungary welcomes us with great enthusiasm.

Our first reception was in Gyula in a nursing home in Gyula.

We received a very heartfelt welcome in the next nursing home in Békéscsaba.

We listened to a very nice collection of folk songs.

Flowers for mother's day.

From Bekescsaba we were accompanied with a bunch of local runners all the way unntil Csanádapáca.

Beáta the organizer gives us a heartful welcome.

Rakonczai Bíborka sings for us.

Oláh Kálmán Mayor receives the torch.

In Pusztaföldvár we were received in the culure house.

Torch carried by
International Runners (Hungary).  
Kuladhara Cimmer
The torch has travelled 81.0 km from Gyula to Tótkomlós.

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