Indonesia 14 January: Solo

Solo - First Peace Run in Indonesia for 2017

In preparation for the first Peace Run in Indonesia we assembled at the Solo Youth Center located in the grounds of the main sports stadium in Solo.

RAy. Febri Dipokusumo, Peace Run Coordinator for Indonesia, spoke to the media about the Peace Run in Solo.

Executive Director, Salil Wilson also told the media how grateful we were to be in Solo and how much inspiration the Peace Run founder, Sri Chinmoy, took from Indonesia as a country which exemplifies unity and harmonious living embracing different religions, cultures and races.

HRH Gusti Dipokusumo joined with City Officials and youth to get ready for the Peace Run.

RAy. Febri Dipokusumo addresses the participants, sharing the spirit of the Peace Run.

We had lots of fun running through the streets of Solo.

The various Solo youth groups ran with us in formation.

We were met by many of the officials of Solo.

We sang the song Peace Run founder, Sri Chinmoy, wrote for Indonesia.

Here are the words:

Indonesia, Indonesia, Indonesia!
Softness, sweetness, oneness-ambrosia.
You are the golden link between two continents: Asia, Australia.
Your matchless pride: Java, Bali, Sumatra, Jakarta.
You are your mountain-heights. You are your volcano-power.
Islam, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, all faiths
Have built a oneness-tower.

We all introduced our countries. We had representatives from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Guatemala, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.

We were honored to present the torch to Vice-Mayor Dr. H. Achmad Purnomo on behalf of the City of Solo.

Representatives of all the participating youth groups announced themselves.

The City Officials ran with the torch.

Vice-Mayor Dr. H. Achmad Purnomo greeted all the team.

Local cadets group performed some wonderfully coordinated moves.

Vice-Mayor Dr. H. Achmad Purnomo joined with some local body builders.

Our kind, gracious and welcoming family.

Releasing the "Peace Pidgeons."

We had a moment of silence in Indonesia's founding President's bedroom. President Sukarno is regarded as the father of the nation.

Vice-Mayor Dr. H. Achmad Purnomo very kindly hosted our team for a sumptuous lunch at the Solo City Hall.

Vice-Mayor Dr. H. Achmad Purnomo presented us with exquisite gifts from his wife's batik factory. A wonderful end to a remarkable day. Thank you!!!