Indonesia 21 January: Bagek Polak

Three schools in Bagek Polak

We began with a short run to the first school.

It is always a great way to begin the day being met by many eager smiling faces.

We immersed ourselves in a moment of silence for world peace.

The children of Lombok meet Pataka from the Czech Republic.

A beautiful poem for peace.

High five!!

These hula hooping girls were delightful.

We presented a painting by Peace Run founder, Sri Chinmoy, entitled "Peace is Priceless."

Planting a tree for peace.

Suhasini from Bali did a wonderful job leading the ceremony.

Some of the audience reactions to our shot skits demonstrating peace and harmony.

Dhavala from Scotland makes a few new friends.

Padyatra from Solovakia enjoyed meeting some of Lombok's future leaders.

Selfie time!!

The final school we visited had prepared quite a few excellent performances.

Special thanks to Ella's parents who very kindly hosted us to a much needed Coconut water and Rambutan party.