Indonesia 13 November: Belimbing - Sudaji

Peace is all we need

Our morning begins in beautiful Ubud!

Ahead of us was a very eventful day. Omang (Paramartha) leads us to our first school!

Thank you "North Bali Bilingust School" for such a nice welcome!

Flags were ready...

We started our presentation about The Peace Run...

...followed by the guessing game. Kids had to guess from which country our runners came from!

Lets create a world in which everybody is helping everybody else!

Kids are judging our skits, are they peaceful or not.

A moment of peace.

Putu and Zanzan, our dear local co-ordinators gave our certificate of appreciation and Jharna Khala, (Fountain Art) to the representatives of the school.

This school has a special drinking water project. They make filters for the community.

Simple but very effective to provide healthy water to many people.

...delicious sweets...

Kids were very eager to ask us many questions...

...and we were more than happy to answer them.

All teachers together!

We took one happy group photo before our departure to the next meeting.

Our second meeting was the Tourism District office.

Although we are not kids anymore...

...we can still keep our childlike heart alive.

Thank you for a very nice meeting!

We share the same dream!

Our next school was a high school where Paramananda, son of Putu and Zanzan ia a student.

Thank you for such a warm welcome!

Great performance! singing...

Thank you for the great show and the amazing Kecak dance! We really enjoyed it so much!

Principal of the high school and Zanzan!

Brothers and friend together!

We presented the school with the Jharna Khala and with a certificate of appreciation!

We closed our eyes...

...and dived deep within.

Our third meeting was a junior high school "SMP Negeri 1 Sinaraja".

We sing...

...and dance together!

Thank you for a very joyful meeting!

Our final meeting of the day was SMA BALI MANDARA School

Kids were lined up to greet us...

We felt very welcome!

We exchanged gifts with the representatives of the school!

We received a beautiful gift, our group photo taken only a few moments ago. What a nice surprise! :)

Another very special thing that happened is this wonderful school shared 15 minutes meditation with the entire assembly.

We started our presentation.

Thank you for the joy!

We went running together one lap around the school.

While students were running, they were chanting "I can if I believe"!

Finally we arrived at OMunity, our beautiful home for the next two nights. everywhere...

Thank you all for the perfect day!