Italy 14 November: Palermo

From the Amicis to the Palazzo

Our day begins at Edmondo De Amicis School where they have been preparing for our visit since early September.

Thank you to the Headmaster Giovanna Genco!

A full printed document is given to us as we arrive welcoming the Peace Run with the title: "RUN FOR PEACE, CREATING A CULTURE OF PEACE 2019". On the front page is a quote from Daisaku Ikeda:

Nothing is more precious than peace.
Nothing brings more happiness.
Peace is the most basic starting point
For the advancement of mankind.

This is a big school of 700 students with two locations. Each class assembles in the corridor to pass the torch of Peace.

Can be achieved
When the power of love
The love of power.

- Sri Chinmoy

This is a multi-ethnic school that cherishes the values of kindness, humanity and peace.

The walls are decorated with creative paintings for Peace.

If we can invoke Peace and then offer it to somebody else, we will see how Peace expands from one to two persons, and gradually to the world at large.

- Sri Chinmoy

Several classes are assembled in the gymnasium. These children offer a powerful call to Peace. They read and recite a poem from the Italian writer and journalist Gianni Rodari. He was the winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Medal and in his stories and poems he conveyed the values of peace, equality and freedom.

Interestingly, his stories never had a conclusion allowing each reader to imagine thier own ending - teaching us the importance of freedom as a fundamental value.

Poem by Gianni Rodari:

There are things to be done every day:
Washing oneself, studying, playing,
setting the table
at midday.

There are things to be done every night:
Closing one's eyes, sleeping,
having dreams to dream,
ears for listening.

There are things never to be done,
Neither by day nor by night,
Neither by sea nor by land:
For example, war.

Everyone sings together.

A moment's truth
Can and shall make the world beautiful.
A moment's peace
Can and shall save the world.
A moment's love
Can and shall make the world perfect.

- Sri Chinmoy

Jonina is from Iceland.

We are led to the other campus of the school, passing by a stall of tempting fresh Sicilian produce.

Each class comes out one by one to greet the torch.

“Be like a child,
Act like a child.
Go from one flower to another.
In your heart-garden
Until you find complete joy
And perfect satisfaction.”

- Sri Chinmoy

Thank you for a wonderful visit!

Our next appointment is at Palazzo Chiaramonte Steri.

We are greeted by the Director of the University of Palermo, Dott. Antonio Romeo.

Each runner receives a special souvenir.

We offer the University a painting by Sri Chinmoy.

The Director is a marathon runner and commends us for using running as a way to bring about Oneness in the world.

This Jharna Kala is on exhibition at the Palazzo Chiaramonte.

The museum inside Chiaramonte.