Ireland 14 July: Blackrock - Dublin

Dublin's Fair City

Our first visit of the day is to Willow Park school summer camp where we receive a warm welcome.

Time to stretch.

We have a special guest appearance by Neill the puppet.

Neill tells the children how they can feel peace in their heart.

Time to hold the torch.

Together for a group photo.

Next we visit Cúl Gealic football summer camp which is run by Renelagh Gaa at Herbert Park.

We are blessed with a sunny day.

Hands in the air.

Doing the actions.

Making a big circle in order to pass the torch from hand to hand.

A peaceful wish.

A bright smile.

Look what I can do!

Time to run...very fast!

...and with lots of joy!

Most of the international team have never seen Gealic football so the children give a wonderful demonstration.

This is what we call a solo run.

Going for the ball.

Special thanks to the camp organiser, Sean O Reilly.

A friendly passer-by holds the torch.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Criona Ni Dhalaigh, welcomes the International team to the mansion house in Dublin's city centre.

Singing the Peace run song.

The Lord Mayor tells us about the interesting history of many of the previous Lord Mayors.

Relaxing in style.

We step out in the sun for a photo.

The Entrance hall.

The torch is held by Angela O'Leary, the wife of the Lord Mayor of Cork City.

Many thanks to Cornucopia vegetarian restaurant for sponsoring a delicous meal for the Team.