India 15 November: Panaji, Goa

Sharada Mandir children welcome the Torch

In the morning we took Peace Torch to the Sharada Mandir School in Panaji to share with some of the students during their recess.

Arpan introduces the run and explains to the children a little about the founder, Sri Chinmoy, who was originally from India

All of the children were attentive and quite impressed.

The children had fun learning the World Harmony Run song with the accompanying actions

The children were excited to follow their physical education teacher around the schoolyard with the torch in the ‘Peace Train’.

Lots of great smiles as the children proudly pose with the torch in the spirit of friendship and oneness. One can tell that each time we do a Peace Run event with children in their own schools that there is a lasting impression on each child who participates to some degree. This gives us all hope for the future of peace and harmony in the world.

Arpan and Ashok and his family: Sandia, Mayura and Hiyaphul, hold the Peace Run banner after another fulfilling ceremony. Ashok proudly leads his family out with the Torch after an eventful week of activities which he so successfully organized.