Nov. 14, 2013 Live from the road

San Andros

Reported by Jayashri Wyatt 4.0 km

We started out early with a flight to Andros Island.

Some of the girls team stopped at the beach on beautiful North Andros.

Phaedra, Jayashri and Jennifer pose after a great breakfast at the restaurant.

Members of the team enjoy a hearty of traditional Bahamian breakfast at the Poop Deck Restaurant.

Nicholls Town Primary School welcomes the Peace Runners!

Principal Michelle Bowleg and a student give welcoming remarks at the World Harmony Run assembly wiht the theme: "Peace, Harmony and Oneness."

Students at Nicoll's Town Primary School students open their special assembly with prayer.

Nicoll's Town Primary School students at offer their prayers for Peace, Harmony and Oneness.

The Invocations at Nicoll's Town Primary School assembly is offered by grade two student Tylah Pratt.

Cedrin Moss sings a beautiful song about smiling!

Cedrin Moss -- singing with gusto for all gathered at the school assembly.

Nicholl's Town Primary Students clap along with singing performances of their fellow students.

Nicoll's Town Primary School Choir sings a beautiful song for all those gathered.

Members of the girls team enjoy the student performances.

Salil Wilson presents Principal Bowleg with the Peace Run certificate of appreciation.

Students participate in the singing of The World Harmony Run Song, raising a "torch" for peace.

Cathy Oerter talks to the children about peace.

Students from schools in Central Andros Island who travelled over 40 miles to be part of the peace run celebrations, share their thoughts for world peace with the group.

Vettri hands out Peace Run cards to children.

Mr. Harcourt Davis School District Superintendent makes remarks to the students, parents, teachers and Peace Run team.

Nicoll's Primary School artwork displayed in honour of the Peace Run.

Andros Family Island Administrator Ivan Ferguson addresses the audience.

Chief Councillor Ms. Vanda Rahming addresses the audience at Nicholl's Town Primary School.

Jasmine, Isaac, Hannah read poetry for the Peace Run assembly.

Island Administrator Mr. Ferguson as well as Ms. Oria Knowles and Mr. Brian Cleare of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, who organized Peace Run events in The Bahamas look on at the student led assembly.

Principal Michelle Blowleg gives the vote of thanks.

School choir performs an Bahamian melody much to the delight of all gathered.

Cathy Oerter passes the peace torch to students at the Nicholl's Town Primary School so they can make wishes for peace.

A rockin band at the local high school along the route to Lowe Sound Primary School performed on drums and percussion instruments.

A school official holds the peace torch aloft.

The Peace Run team enjoyed the performance by the local high school junkanoo band.

Vettri gets into the act with some drumming!

Students carry the Peace torch -- running through beautiful Andros Island.

Local students are ready to run with the torch.

The peace run team is left in the dust by Lowe Sound Primary Students!

Lowe Sound Primary Students lead the peace run team to their school.

Lowe Sound Primary Students on the run!

1st Grade students delighted the peace run team with a warm welcome.

Grade 2 students recite a poem from memory entitled "Global Peace."

Grade 2 students at Lowe Sound Primary School performed a piece called "We are the World"

Students performances delight the audience.

A school official makes a wish for peace!

Everyone wanted to make a wish for peace with the torch.

Jennifer holds the Peace torch with students from Lowe Sound Primary School.

High fives all around!

Team members make new friends at Lowe Sound Primary School.

An historic moment with the Peace Run at the Government offices in North Andros.

Administrator Ferguson and Salil Wilson run a few steps for peace with the torch.

At the office of the Chief Council Mr. Harcourt Davis and a friend run with the peace torch.

Chief Councilor Vanda Rahming smiles as she ran for peace with the torch.

Bertram A. Newton Primary School students prepare to take a run for peace with the torch.

Student MC Benjanique Lewis introduces the theme for the programme: "Friendship the Key To Peace" at Bertram A. Newton Primary School.

Students make a wish for peace after the Peace Run ceremony.

Principal Curtis, students and Administrator Ferguson, Superintendent Davis take a photo op with the Peace Run team outside her school.

Mastic Point Primary School students meet with the peace runners to run into their school assembly.

Running with the Bahamian flag!

Mastic Point Students give a warm welcome to the Peace Run.

The school choir performs Sri Chinmoy's song: Peace Run and receives a standing ovation from the Peace Run team.

Oria enjoys the procedings.

Students sing along to "The World Harmony Run Song."

Cathy Oerter presents Mastic Point Primary School official with a certificate of appreciation.

Mastic Point students make their prayers and wishes for peace.

Homagni holds the torch with students from Mastic Point Primary School. A perfect ending to an incredible day on Andros Island in the Bahamas!

Torch carried by
Adhiratha Keefe (United States), Ashirvad Zaiantchick (Brazil), Cathy Oerter (United States), Deepra Zaytsev (Russia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Homagni Baptista (Australia), Jayashri Wyatt (Canada), Jennifer Cluck (United States), Luis Cabrerra (Guatemala), Papaha Gosline (United States), Phaedra Rosario (United States), Prakhara Harter (United States), Salil Wilson (Australia), Vettri Angel (Guatemala).  
Accompanied by  
Jayashri Wyatt
Deepra Zaytsev, Harita Davies
The torch has travelled 4.0 km in San Andros.

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