Nov. 12, 2013 Live from the road

Harbour Island

Reported by Jennifer Cluck 1.0 km

We started the day early at the Nassau ferry terminal, eagerly awaiting a boat ride to Harbour Island, renowned for its famous pink sanded beach and friendly people.

A beautiful rainbow presented itself as a perfect omen for our day.

On the boat ride we made a new friend, Scotty from Arizona, who recently moved to the beautiful Bahamas...not surprisingly she is pretty happy about her decision!

Although the boatride was a little longer than anticipated, around 5 hours one way, we were treated to spectacular views and the conditions were glorious!

Ashirvad reveals the secrets of the universe to a captive audience... actually it was an impromptu game of pictionary.

Our guide for the day was our wonderful friend, Oria!

We were also so happy to have Oria's friend and co-worker, Meoshe, joining the team for the day..

Life is hard out on the ocean..

Deepra managed to capture a great shot of our animal ambassador for the day, a fun-loving dolphin, who stayed with us playing in the wake of the boat for quite some time!

We arrived at the Harbour Island All Age School, and were delighted to be greeted by over 400 children and many members of the local community. The children sang so beautifully for us!

Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Grant. We were surprised and happy to find that the theme of the programme was Unity and Oneness, the same message we aspire to share on the run!

Ms. K. Barr shared with us an illumining story.

Ms Oria Wood-Knowles kindly introduced the team.

Salil thanked the school on behalf of the team for welcoming us with such an impressive and inspiring programme.

Some of the students came together in their art class to create this beautiful piece, representing the theme of Unity and Oneness. Standing in front of it is one of the schools top runners, who ran the first leg of our run through the town.

Mr. Leon Clarke sang the national anthem.

We began offering a moments silence in honour of a young local girl, London Percentie, who sadly passed away a few days ago.

After the children sang a favourite Bahamian version of Woody Guthries immortal folk song "This Land is Your Land", Salil surprised us all with a solo rendition of Sri Chinmoy's version of the same song - "This heart is your heart!"

Local Council members, Island administrators and Clergy all came together to light the torch for the for the first time in Harbour Island.

The school have a really great big Junkanoo band, who set the mood for the beginning of the motorcade..

We were honoured to be chosen to lead the motorcade, with different representatives from the track team meeting us along the way..not surprisingly we were having a little trouble matching their pace!

This banner was in honour of the little girl, London Percentie, who is sadly missed by all the community.

The motorcade mostly consisted of decorated golf carts, which seem to be the main form of transport on Harbour Island.

As we reboarded the boat and headed for home we were once again treated to a sumptuous feast for the eyes and soul, this time the setting sun.

We made a detour to the charming Island of Spanish Wells to drop off some people and supplies.

What a stunning end to a wonderful day of adventure, inspiration and joy in the beautiful family islands of The Bahamas.

Torch carried by
Adhiratha Keefe (United States), Ashirvad Zaiantchick (Brazil), Deepra Zaytsev (Russia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Homagni Baptista (Australia), Jennifer Cluck (United States), Luis Cabrerra (Guatemala), Papaha Gosline (United States), Prakhara Harter (United States), Salil Wilson (Australia), Vettri Angel (Guatemala).  
Vettri Angel
The torch has travelled 1.0 km in Harbour Island.

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