Tanzania 11 November: Horombo Hut - Kibo Hut

Kilimanjaro day 4 - Horombo - Kibo Hut

Kili and blue sky are waiting for us.

Sun is strong up there, so it is wise to take care.

Once again my deepest admiration for the porters!

Having fun with our guides

20 liter bucket on the head plus a heavy backpack...

Today was the toughest day for them - once because of the altitude (which is probably the smaller issue) and second because today they had to carry 240 liters of water up the 9k to Kibo Hut because we passed the last water point on our way but of course still needed a lot of water on the way up.

Haryaksha: business as usual:)

keep smiling!


Brooke allways cheerful and a great companion to our group!

long way to Kibo

Mawenzi 5281m, Vasanti ca 1,80m, Sumeru ca 1,70m

Kaspars camera weighs about 2k, but it probably feels more like 4k

moonland on earth

last flowers

a lot of space!

lunch in the desert.

great lunch!

tired porter

the last kilometers were too much!

Brook gets surrounded by some craws

got food?

share you must!

Austrian chocolate is king!

Every rest is welcome above 4000m

keening things simple...

last meters to Kibo...

Sharbori made it!

Yeah! We made it to Kibo hut!

Except us everybody knows what to do.

short rest before supper.

Our guides with the torch

"last supper" before ascent

short rest

Somebody said that climbing Kilimanjaro is as easy as drinking a cup of tea. We will find out very soon.