Oct. 22, 2019 Live from the road

St. Constantine Intl. Town Campus Arusha - Braeburn International Arusha

Reported by Garga Chamberlain, Vasanti Niemz 20.0 km

Another amazing school relay day! Runners from SCIS Main Campus Arusha joined us at the Clock Tower at 8:30 with teacher Michael, who had organized the day.

Off they go! Once the kids have the torch there is no holding them back! SCIS was founded by Greek emigrants, therefore the various groups (or houses) of Athens, Olympia, Sparta, Delphi ...

Police escort and Michael keeping the team together.

First stop St. Constantine International Town Campus - a very happy welcome with singing, dancing and waving.

The Peace Run visited here in 2013 - and again we admire the beautiful artwork of the kids.

Happy runners from SCIS Main Campus.

Playful happiness is peace!

The little ones listen attentively to our presentation.

We challenged them to guess 3 countries our runners come from - and they got it right!

Running enthusiasm! Impossible to keep the kids behind the torch ...

Can I hold the Torch, please!

Off to SCIS Main Campus, about 6 km away, outside town.

The police escort is a very fast walker!

Runners have the right of way!

The support vehicle was pretty empty most of the way!

Meeting a German compatriot!

Good hydration is key for great runners.

Passing the Heritage Centre once again with an announcement for a future Jane Goodall Museum (her famous research base Gonde is situated in Tanzania on Lake Tanganyika)

Running out of Arusha town and heading into the countryside...

Past the Greek Orthodox Basilica to the campus. Greek bean farmers founded the school, but now it is fully international.

Another super-enthusiastic welcome by students of all ages, chanting "We want peace..."

Quite a few of the older students still remembered our visit to this campus back in 2013 - and were eager to pose for some photos!

The campus is like a big park, with wide sports and playing fields and impressive trees.

We did our Peace Run Presentation, and everytime it is so touching to see how the kids and adults really love and follow the "feel the peace in your heart and let it spread" exercise.

How to allow everyone to touch the torch? First run with it, then form a circle....

Pierre very happy to share the torch with a teacher from Cameroon, his home country.

Presenting the Peace Run Certificate to the School, including some other gifts and Colors of Peace Paintings from Rome.

Putting many little wishes for peace into the torch.

After our amazing visits to both campuses of St Constantine's, we started the 5k run further out of town towards UWC, an international school the Peace Run last visited in 2013. Conditions were now pretty hot on the open road...

Next stop UWC.....

As we arrived the older students were just practicing their interpretations of the Tanzania song and gave us a beautiful performance, including percussion and drums.

It was very interesting to interact with these older students coming from all over the world due to a special programme. They told us later how they loved the peace-in-the-heart visualisation, enthusiastically repeated our motto "Peace begins with me" and lit up doing the movements to the World Harmony Run song.

We learned more about the goals of the school - bringing students from all over the world, including conflicting nations together - and loved that our efforts seemed to fully complement each other.

The amazing school lunch would be a reason in itself to come back soon :)

Important message in the internet age!

Runners from Braeburn International and their teach Dickson masudi Mnemo getting ready to embark on the 5 km under scorching sun to their school, which will our last school of the day and of our Tanzania visit this time.

We love the shining white police uniforms! How can they stay so clean?

Kings (and queens) of the road!

Careful, a lion is watching you...

Last turn...

Our Peace Run presentation was in the Braeburn School amphitheatre - a perfect space for the event.

These students were the best at our country guessing game out of all the schools we've visited in East Africa - well done Braeburn!

The World Harmony Run song - complete with actions....all the students were good sports and joined in with us!

The last chance for the East Africa Peace Run team to share a moment of silent peace with our hosts...

A chance to hold the torch and see the Peace Flame up close.

Presenting our certificate of appreciation to Alison Rogers, Head of School.

Goodbye to Braeburn International School - and that wraps up the East Africa leg of the Southern Hemisphere Peace Run. Now we hand over to a new team who will carry the flame in Madagascar, the island nations of the Indian Ocean and finally Indonesia for the closing ceremony in November. All the best to our new Peace Run team!

Torch carried by
Garga Chamberlain (Great Britain), Joyce Bunju (Ghana), Martina Šimoníková (Czech Republic), Pierre Bell (Cameroon), Vasanti Niemz (Germany).  
Accompanied by  
SCIS and Braeburn students
Vasanti Niemz
The torch has travelled 20.0 km from St. Constantine Intl. Town Campus Arusha to Braeburn International Arusha.

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