Oct. 21, 2019 Live from the road

Arusha - Makumbusho Primary - Arusha - Joseph Pre and Primary School

Reported by Garga Chamberlain, Vasanti Niemz 16.0 km

First stop on Monday morning was the Makumbusho Primary School, just a short run from our accommodation in Arusha.

These roads are becoming familiar to us now!

A warm welcome at Makumbusho.

The children sang to us - a Tanzania song - very powerful and soulful.....

Introducing our team - Mateus is a local Arusha runner and got a big cheer!

A moment of peace with the children and staff...

Hands up if you want to join our team!

Time for a Peace Run around the school with all our new "team members".

Everyone wanted to hold the Peace Torch.....

In the Special Needs department of the school we sang the Peace Run song and gave all the children a chance to hold the Peace Torch. We were really struck by the wonderful spirit of the school - the children are very joyful and enthusiastic but really well behaved and respectful too - the perfect balance! And a real credit to all the staff.

After Makumbusho we headed next door to Kaloleni Primary School...

We were welcomed with beautiful singing again - this time the song had a verse saying "We love you Kaloleni"

Martina made some new friends...

......and we enrolled the whole school into our Arusha Peace Run team with a run around the grounds.

The kids so loved touching our hands!

Everyone got a chance to hold the torch for a moment and put a wish for Peace into it...

A really joyful group of children, who really loved seeing and holding the Peace Torch.

We love you too Kaloleni!

Although the next school was in Arusha town we took a shortcut through the forest to get there on time!

Arriving at Arusha School

Excitement holding the Peace Torch...

....then a very soulful moment of silence with the school.

Another Peace Run with all our new Peace Runners!

The school mascot is Sir Alex, who has been here since the school was founded in 1934. We were thrilled to meet him! The children clearly love him too.

Mwamvita joined our team once again for the day's events.

Saying goodbye to a beautiful and peaceful school with a real family feeling among the pupils and staff - thanks Arusha School!

Back on the road with quite a few miles ahead of us...

We were joined by some "runners" on the way who wanted to be part of our team...

They held the torch and ran a short distance with us, then it was time to hit the highway and cover some mileage to get to our next school...

Vasanti running with the torch....

Joyce covering the miles....

Garga and Mateus pushing the pace...

Joyce with the torch as we arrived at the Trust St Patrick Schools.

A guard of honour greeted us at the gate - then they burst into an enthusiastic rendition of the school song!

St Patrick School is famous for its sporting prowess.

We had a Peace Run with all the students that took in every part of the school.

The whole Primary School got together for a Peace Run ceremony.

Manatita introducing the team.

Another chance to share our inner peace exercise with all the children...

...and teach them the World Harmony Run song.

A certificate of appreciation to the directors of the School. Patrick Khanya and his family founded the school back in 1997.

We were invited to lunch with the schoolchildren.

Our tour of the school included a chance to watch a netball match and see some football and basketball training - a very dynamic school!

A certificate of appreciation for the Secondary School who joined us after lunch for another Peace Run ceremony.

Running with the torch...

A moment of inner peace with the older students.

Back on the road and heading to our 5th and final school of the day...

Joseph Pre and Primary School welcomed us into their spacious hall and played our country guessing game...

Does everyone have a hand and a heart?

OK, put your hand on your heart and imagine a Peace Flame in your heart....

Such a simple way to feel some inner peace!

Our thanks to Joseph School for having us!

Every child at the school had a chance to touch or hold the Peace Torch and make a wish for Peace.

Time to head home - an epic day with some challenging running and inspiring school visits - classic Peace Run!

Torch carried by
Garga Chamberlain (Great Britain), Joyce Bunju (Ghana), Manatita Hutchison (Great Britain), Martina Šimoníková (Czech Republic), Pierre Bell (Cameroon), Vasanti Niemz (Germany).  
Vasanti Niemz
The torch has travelled 16.0 km from Arusha - Makumbusho Primary to Arusha - Joseph Pre and Primary School.

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