Nov. 13, 2013 Live from the road


Reported by Harita Davies, Jennifer Cluck 1.0 km

Today we stayed in Nassau, and our first school we visited was Oakes Field Primary School.

There were over 400 children waiting for us, and the school had prepared an inspiring programme of music and poetry on the theme of Peace and Harmony.

A moments peace is a natural state of being for the sweet natured Bahamians.

Next it was time for the always entertaining game of "guess the country"

Australia is always a fun country for the children to soon as Homagni did one bounce, 400 children were delightfully screaming "Australia!!"

We were joined for the first time today by our good friend, Cathy Oerter, who will be on the team for the remainder of our time in the Bahamas. Cathy is a co-founder of Art of the Olympians and wife of the late Olympian great, Al Oerter. She has a wonderful rapport with children, and is a great inspiration to us all.

We are so happy that Davidson Hepburn, (pictured centre), has also been a greatly loved and admired addition to our team.

The Bahamian children have so much joy and enthusiasm, it was no effort on our part to teach our World Harmony Run song with actions!

We presented our certificate of appreciation to the principal of the school Ms. Gray.

Beautful new friends!

The childen were all so open-hearted and delightful, we wanted to take them all home with us!!

Phaedra, our latest recruit fresh in from Washington DC, joined in the celebrations with two new friends.

Sadly we had to say goodbye and head to our next school for the day...

..where we were met outside by some star athletes from Albury Sayle Primary School.

The Peace Garden! With the extensive behind the scenes preparations by Oria Wood-Knowles and much support and encouragement from Davidson Hepburn, we don't know where we would be, and are so grateful to both of them!

The school champions led us all to the eagerly waiting assembley.

Our two moderators made sure all the performances by the students went as planned.

These students read out poems written by their sibling first graders who were unable to attend the function.

These students prepared an acrostic poem - where each letter is the start of a line on the theme of oneness.

The students performed a wonderful skit about finding peace and harmony in the classroom. It starred the super heros Mega-Oneness, Super-Harmony and Power-Peace.

As with the previous school, Albury Sayle Primary had prepared an imressive welcome and programme, this time on the theme of "Peace, Harmony and Oneness throughout our Bahama Land", as the banner says.

The programme included thoughtful and deeply inspiring and moving musical performances, poetry recitations, prayers and even a play where the super heroes of the play were the fantastic three; super harmony, peace and oneness.

The school principal, Ms K Rose is a truly exemplary role model for the children of depth and loving enthusiasm

We sang the Peace Run song..

All of the children had the opportunity to hold the torch!

Dr. Hepburn handed our Jharna-Kala cards featuring Sri Chinmoy's artwork.

Cathy shared her ethusiastic spirit with the students.

President of the Parent Teacher Association was on hand to welcome us as well.

Some of the childrens beautiful artwork was on display in the foyer.

Thank you so much Albury Sayle Primary for a deeply moving and heart melting experience we will never forget!!

Torch carried by
Adhiratha Keefe (United States), Ashirvad Zaiantchick (Brazil), Cathy Oerter (United States), Deepra Zaytsev (Russia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Homagni Baptista (Australia), Jennifer Cluck (United States), Luis Cabrerra (Guatemala), Papaha Gosline (United States), Phaedra Rosario (United States), Prakhara Harter (United States), Salil Wilson (Australia), Vettri Angel (Guatemala).  
Deepra Zaytsev
The torch has travelled 1.0 km in Nassau.

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