Peace Run Stories

Moab Utah

For the international team, the Peace Run is a life-changing experience that recharges our faith in humanity. We run from country to country, we see things and meet wonderful people that we would never otherwise have a chance to do.

Here are some of our stories over the years:

  • September 2020: Instead of our usual schedule, we encouraged our Peace Runners to 'Run from Home' wherever they could....
  • July 2020: Voices of Peace from some of our African-American Peace Runners and supporters

Video: Our US Peace Run captain Harita Davies talks about what the Peace Run means to her

Video: Shyamala Stott has been participating in the Peace Run ever since she was 12 years old. Now she co-ordinates our events in Scotland, as well as travelling with the Peace Run to countries all over the world.

Video: Nirbhasa Magee from Ireland was part of a small Peace Run team that visited the Pacific Island nations of Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Latest reports from Bahamas - 2013

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Latest reports - around the world:

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