Jan. 16, 2016 Live from the road

Panaji, Goa

Reported by Atul Arora

The day began by offering our gratitute for having multitude of great experiences in Peace Run India.

Our first school was the Bal Bhavan primary school in Panaji, Goa.

This time we were delighted to have our Indian peace runner, Prakash, who joined us for a day. Prakash organised the meeting at the School.

Students were happy to hear Mena's french and Devarupi's polish accent.

One minute silence from these students permeated the message of peace in the school.

The sincerity of these students was brilliant.

Now its time to collect our treasure, the wishes of peace from these children.

Now some songs and dancing.

The peace run India team suddenly became a team of many from a team of few.

When many hands holds this one torch we also become one.

Thank you very much to the Bal Bhavan school for their enthusiastic participation.

We also went to a nearby care centre run by the Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity foundation.

The book that Devarupi is holding (biography on Sri Chinmoy's achievements) contained this picture that shows that Mother Teresa has also held the Peace Run torch.

This missionaries take cares of people who were abandoned by the society.

Collecting the wishes of peace from the heart of these innocent souls.

We salute these missionaries who have dedicated their lives for the beterment of humanity.

Our European runner then visited a local Ayurvedic Centre.

There we met Dr. Pallavi Govekar who was very interested to learn about the Peace Run.

Dr. Kambali was also very supportive.

Other people visiting the Ayurvedic Centre.

Ayurvedic massage makes you hungry...

The restaurant owner was a noble man and keen to hold our Peace Run torch.

Our Peace Run coordinator's family came to visit us at our accommodation in Goa.

Torch carried by
Ashok Parulekar (India), Devarupi Buczkowska (Poland), Mena Seguy (France), Prakash Tekkekar (India).  
Devarupi Buczkowska, Mena Seguy, Prakash Tekkekar

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