Japan 16 May: Musashino City, Tokyo

Joyful visit at the biggest kindergarden


Day 2 of Peace Run Japan 2013 started at the beautiful garden of Chuou & Chuou Daini Kindergartens in Musashino City.


The enthusiastic children in colourful hats responded to the program with joy and eagerness!


Over 200 children of 4 and 5 years old participated in the program!


The boys' skit about peace and harmony. Definitely the actors were having a good time!


Each child holds the 'Magic Torch', wishing for something special for their family, friends, and teachers.


Now it's time for round-the-world. Here you can get a stamp of Asian elephant.


We got the stamps of the six continents on this special map! It says the motto of this Run: "Peace begins with me"!


Let's run with the torch!


The wife of Principle Kasari (left) and Itou-sensei were both very friendly, helpful, and nice in the planning phase and on the day. Thank you so very much for your kindness!! The tea was delicious,, too!


Afterwards the team visited one more preschool in Musashino City. Now all the programs are finished, we are on our way home, waving to the passing citizens. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MUSASHINO!