9月 23, 2018 Live from the road


Reported by Stacey Marsh 12.0 km

This morning the team made their way to Heian Jingu Shrine where there was a street market and festival for the day.


Arriving a little ahead of schedule the team was able to meet some of the locals who had come for the festival in Okazaki Park.

At 11am the Peace Run team was introduced by the main presenter.


Harashita introduced the team before the procession began



This procession is the annual Buddy Walk, which supports children and adults with Downs Syndrome.


This was a fun and lively walk with drums, a trumpet and dancing en route.



The procession returned to Okazaki Park to go back to the main stage for the Peace Run team, and two members from the Patrol Run to be sent on our way for our 10km Peace Run through the area.



As we made our way down to the river we meet other runners doing a similar route as us. The joined us for a while to run with us and hold the Peace Torch.


The Patrol Run ('Pato-Ran' for short in Japanese) is a nation-wide network of volunteer runners who run in different neighbourhoods to reduce crime and enhance safety.

Each member volunteers their time to go on these 5km Patrol Runs about 5 times a month. There are Patrol Runs in 25 prefectures in Japan.


Running along the river there were so many people out enjoying the day.


Our run took longer than expected as we stopped along the way for people to hold the torch and meet the team.

After refuelling with some water the Peace Run team turned and ran back to Okazaki Park.


Seeing a new way to cross the river none of us could resist jumping over the rocks.. I think a few of us kind of wanted to fall in, any excuse to cool down in that inviting river!.


As we returned to Okazaki Park we were welcomed back by the hosts of the event to cheers from the onlookers.


Many more people came to speak to us.


And hold the torch

A fun family day.


Team Bento box lunch after our run.


An amazing young singer performed for us.

To finish the day we took time to thank the Patrol Run volunteers who helped arrange today's events for us. Mr. Torimoto, its leader in rainbow socks, is a trainer and even took care of leg conditions of some of the team members! Harashita met members of the Patrol Run back in October during a community get-together at Sakyo Ward Office, where we promised to collaborate somehow, which came to fruition in this fun and meaningful way!


The final procession with the Peace Run leading everyone around the park one more time.


Clad in a traditional costume of the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, the north most island of Japan. The event is a true celebration of people from all walks of life.

Finally the Peace Run was invited back to the main stage to explain in more details about the Peace Run, sing our Peace Run song and World Harmony Run song, which some of the dancers there danced to. The songs gave everyone joy.


Harashita offered a certificate of Appreciation to the organisers of the event. Kindly taken by one of the younger members of the festival.

ピースランからの感謝状を受け取ってくれたのは主催者 At-Kyoto の小さな「新代表」です。

The main organisers of the event from At-Kyoto: (from right) Mr. Suzuki, Ms. Takeda and Mr. Kazuma. Harashita met Suzuki-san and Kazuma-san back in October 2017 during a community event at Sakyo Ward Office, and they immediately encouraged Harashita to make Kyoto Peace Run a reality.

At-Kyoto 代表の(右から)スズキさん、タケダさん、カズマさんです。スズキさんとカズマさんは、去年の10月、左京区役所での朝カフェでホロシタが出会い、京都でのピースラン開催を即応援してくださいました。

These women in the traditional clothes of Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, danced so cheerfully along with our World Harmony Run song!


A few times during the Peace Run in Kyoto, we were treated to tasty Japanese meals at Sujata's Restaurant in Hyakumanben, near Kyoto University.


She has been running her restaurant since 1986, and it now offers vegetable ramen and Indian curries. In early days of the Peace Run Sujata organized a number of events in Kyoto and its surrounding areas.


The team surely enjoyed her tasty food!

Okonomiyaki, with lots of mochi and mushrooms inside...yummy!


Torch carried by
Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic), Akanda Norov (Mongolia), Harashita Sunaoshi (Japan), Homagni Baptista (Australia), Kanyaka Arini (Indonesia), Midori Shimizu (Japan), Otis Davis (United States), Pushpendra Uppal (Australia), Salil Wilson (Australia), Stacey Marsh (New Zealand), Urdhacheta Yap (Singapore), Usra Yamada (Japan), Victor Lusis (New Zealand), Yu Yamada (Japan).  
Accompanied by  
Ryo Ishimochi
Urdhacheta Yap
The torch has travelled 12.0 km in Kyoto.

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