Oct. 11, 2019 Live from the road

United Nations Office, Nairobi - Nairobi Waldorf School

Reported by Garga Chamberlain, Vasanti Niemz 3.0 km

Our third day of activities in Nairobi began at our base - the YMCA on Statehouse Road. A really active place, with everything from lifesaving classes and swimming lessons to baptisms and church services happening on a daily basis! In the mornings, however, it's an oasis of peace....

The YMCA cat seems keen to join our team!

Our first stop was to shop for the day - this elephant guards the entrance to the mall.

Martina enjoying Nairobi's colourful flowers.

Having welcomed a cat into the team we had to find space for a dog, especially as Phaedra is crazy about dogs.

On the road in Nairobi, with the overnight rain making the roads "interesting" to say the least.

Michael, our runner from Nairobi, with the torch outside the UN building.

The team all passed the vetting process, so we were allowed in with visitor passes.

Joyce passing the torch to Phaedra as they enter the UN complex via the main gate.

We were met by Verena Bongartz, Chief of Visitor Center UNIC Nairobi, and one of her staff from the UN Visitor Service.

We ran in through a spectacular avenue lined with the flags of all the UN Nations - an inspiring sight!

KARIBUNI means "welcome to all".

We were greeted at the main UN building first by Newton Kanhema, Deputy Director, and subsequently by Nasser Ega-Musa, Director of the United Nations Information Centre, Nairobi. The Nairobi office is the main UN HQ for Africa.

Mr Ega-Musa, Director of UNIC Nairobi, meeting the team, who come from UK, USA, Czech Republic, Ghana, Germany, Cameroon and of course Kenya.

Newton Kanhema, Deputy Director, with the Peace Torch. He was especially delighted to meet us, since he knew about the Peace Run from his work at the UN headquarters in New York.

Mr Ega-Musa speaking about the role of the UN in promoting peace. He quoted Winston Churchill's famous "better jaw-jaw than war-war" remark as a good illustration of the importance of dialogue in preventing or bringing and end to conflict.

A moment of peace with the torch.

A certificate of appreciation was given to the UN Information Centre from the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run. Mr Ega-Musa was kind enough to receive it on behalf of the UN before he had to leave to resume his busy schedule.

The Peace Run team - karibuni!

Tirus Wainana, Information Management Assistant, has a moment of peace with the torch after working hard to capture the whole event on film.

Verena running with the torch....

Kenya has many elephants!

The team leaving, under the flags of all UN nations....

Our second reception of the day was at Nairobi Waldorf School.

The children were excited to hold the Peace Torch!

The Waldorf School is a wonderful learning environment, with an emphasis on play and self-discovery as well as academic work. It would have been impolite not to join in....

The children had a chance to wave the flag as well as holding the torch.

This tent is the school's indoor space for meeting and eating - the perfect place to start our Peace Run reception.

Guessing our countries.....

As the heavy rain had stopped we were able to head out into the sunshine for the Peace Run Song.

And a moment of silence for Peace...

Some skits on the theme of peaceful / non-peaceful action. There were mixed views on stopping to help a runner who had tripped, as some of the children pointed out it was best to finish your own race first before helping others.

The World Harmony Run song - everyone holding up their own "Peace Torch".

Our certificate of appreciation from the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run to all the staff and pupils at the Waldorf School. Thanks so much for having us!

We finished with an opportunity for everyone to hold the Peace Torch and offer a moment of silence for peace.

Bruce, a teacher from the UK with years of Waldorf School experience, made us welcome and showed us round the school. Thanks for everything Bruce.

In recent years Peace Torch Selfies have become more and more popular - search #peacerun on instagram to check them out....

On the way home it was time to stock up on more Peace-Running food!

Torch carried by
Garga Chamberlain (Great Britain), Joyce Bunju (Ghana), Manatita Hutchison (Great Britain), Martina Simonikova (Czech Republic), Phaedra Rosario (United States), Pierre Bell (Cameroon), Vasanti Niemz (Germany).  
Phaedra Rosario, Vasanti Niemz
The torch has travelled 3.0 km from United Nations Office, Nairobi to Nairobi Waldorf School.

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