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There are many ways you can participate in the Peace Run - you don't have to be a runner! You can offer your heartfelt feeling for peace in so many ways: running of course, but also by using your artistic, creative or organisational capacity.

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Ways you can join us

Meet the running team on the road 

Give the team a big cheer and a wave as they run by, or join in yourself and run with the Peace Torch.

Invite us to run with you

If you have a school, youth, sports or community group: perhaps we can come with our Peace Torch, and share the ideals of our Peace Run!

Note that your city doesn't necessarily need be on our larger running Route. We do many one-off events are not part of that route, and can take place any time of the year.

Also, we are often invited to take part in larger events, so if you are working on an event that shares the goals of the Peace Run, and you feel we could be of some service to you, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Organise a welcoming event 

Show the international runners your town's local hospitality. It can be as big or small as you want - what matters is your heart and your goodwill! Contact us and we'll work with you to create an occasion.

Media Coverage

Make sure your local newspaper or TV knows about the Peace Run - so they can include an article and photo of you with the Peace Run team holding the torch.

Again, our media team is more than happy to help with any enquiries. And, as you can see - our runners love sharing their enthusiasm about the Peace Run and its ideals...

Honour the Peace-Dreamers in your community

One of the privileges of running on our international team is meeting so many wonderful people who are working tirelessly in their community for a better world. Through our Torch-Bearer award program, we have given thousands of these unsung heroes their due appreciation. This picture shows some of those dedicated servers in Chicago with their Torch-Bearer award.

 Perhaps you know of someone who deserves a Torch-Bearer award? You can find out more about the program and how to work with us to nominate someone on our Torch-Bearer page.

Perform the Peace Run song!

These songs composed by Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy have been arranged by choirs and music groups all over the world. Performing these songs gives a great feeling of joy, unity and purpose - precisely the qualities we are trying to foster with the Peace Run.

If you are part of an upcoming event with the Peace Run, perhaps you know a band or choir that might like to perform these songs.

We have a page about these songs where you can download the scores and listen to arrangements that people have performed around the world...

Create for peace

Express your inner feeling for a better world through poetry, prose or artwork. See some inspiring examples...

Some of our most-loved and remembered events have been when we have brought the worlds of creativity and sport together to create something special. There are so many ways to participate – and just as humanity's yearning for peace finds expression in every field of human endeavour, so also your participation in the Peace Run can be through music, art or writing, as well as running.

Participation in the Peace Run is free, and it's fun!

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