Luxembourg 30 June: Luxembourg - Diekirch

Schools and TV in Luxembourg

Our first meeting of school children in Luxembourg. They are ready to run.

Children waiting for the runners.

We arrive to a tremendous welcome at our first school Ecole fondamentale Limpertsberg.

The children all know which countries the runners are from.

Feeling peace in the heart.

It can be so peaceful and serene.

Children are so enthusiastic and full of energy.

Everyone doing the actions to the World Harmony Run song.

Passing the torch from hand to hand, heart to heart and smile to smile.

Peace is friendship.

Speedy running with the torch.

Thank you Ecole fondamentale Limpertsberg for a wonderful welcome.

Our second school of the day was Ecole fondamentale Lorentzweiler.
The RTL national television was there as well to cover the event.

Everyone knows Italian!

The children take part in their own relay.

Food on the road prepared by Irina was delicious.

Our third meeting of the day was with children from the Maison Relais Medernach.

Rasmivan showing the children how the Peace Run relay works. It's always fun to pass the torch onto someone else.

Making that special wish to put into the Peace Run flame.

Lots and lots of happiness and smiles ...

Running with the torch also brings joy and happiness ...

And so does running with the flags.

Our final meeting of the day was with the children from Maison Relais Diekirch - Arcus Asbl.

Peace in the heart or in the mind?

Children love putting the Peace Run stickers on.

In might have been the end of the day but the children have so much energy.

Thank you Diekirch for your energy, joy and enthusiasm.