Belgium 1 July: Diekirch - Champlon

A moment of peace and remembrance in Bastogne.

The international border of Belgium.

The historical gateway into Bastogne.

Running past the past.

The reminder that during the Second World War there was intense fighting between American and German troops at Bastogne.

Bastogne was finally liberated by the Americans in 1944.

Running to the Bastogne War Museum.

We are warmly welcomed by the director of the Bastogne War Museum.

This is the impressive war memorial to the American Airborne Divisions that lost their lives in the surrounding forests in their attempts to liberate Bastogne. Their stories were epitomised in the award winning series, 'Band of Brothers'.

A moment of silence as we remember all those people that lost their lives during the Second World War. It was a poignant moment, especially on this day it was also the centenary anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. The international team and the representatives of Bastogne felt a true sense of oneness.

The Mayor of Bastogne, Benolt Lutgen holds the torch.

How small are we all in the grand scheme of things.

Our own divine warriors running for peace.

We meet the Mayor of Tenneville, Marc Gauthier.

The stawberry and apple tarts on display remain untouched, but for how long?

What a treat! Belgium strawberry tart.

The Peace Run torch resting out of our hands but always burning as we eat the strawberry tart.

A big thumbs up from Dennis as he helps himself to his third slice.