July 2, 2016 Live from the road

Donald, BC - Banff, AB

Reported by Sanaz Datubar 163.0 km

In the late morning we reached Alberta. We had to leave behind British Columbia with its mountains, lakes and rivers. Our Gratitude to all the people we met on our way from Victoria BC to Alberta. Canada has so far nourished our hearts with its vast nature and peaceful people.

The Day after Canada Day! Canadian families are enjoyng this day with their dear ones and so are we....

Our destination, Lake Louise.
Luckily there was a free shuttle from the overflow parking back to Lake Louise, as the regular parking was completely full.
Thanks to the shuttle drivers for their service!

We headed for the Plain of Six Glaciers. Some of us ran the hiking trail up until the highest point, others enjoyed a smooth hike.

One of our fastest runners, Pierre, carried the torch to the top.

As Brahmata took pictures of some chipmonks, one of them jumped and sat on her hand. The begining of an awesome friendship....

Harita, Josef and Pierre reached the top. A moment of Peace embraced by the majestic mountains.

Time for a cool down!

Puroga made this snowboy. He called him snowccio. Snowccio is on our team now and aspires to become a real boy....

Back down to Lake Louise!

And then an ice cold swim in the Glacier Lake.


Off towards Banff!

Thank you deer for giving us joy and your sweetness!

Done!!! For today.....

Our day came to an end. And it made us remember all the many, many people that we are meeting along the road every day. People who shout "Peace" out of their car windows, honk the horn, stop to ask about the run , or just stopping to hand us water. On the road we almost never get to take pictures of these countless people. We want to share our gratitude with all those we meet on the road. You are making our running journey joyfull. Thank you for your support.

Torch carried by
Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Brahmata Michael (Canada), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Josef Sverma (Czech Republic), Pierre Lantuas (France), Pujari Schaffer (United States), Puroga Theobald (Hungary), Sanaz Datubar (Iran), Scott Schuetzler (United States), Tavishi Matthews (Australia), Yatkara Aleksapolskyy (Canada).  
Brahmata Michael, Harita Davies, Yatkara Aleksapolskyy
The torch has travelled 163.0 km from Donald, BC to Banff, AB.

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