North Macedonia 8 March: Negotino - Skopje

Running to the Capital

Thank you to the Municiaplity of Negotino for providing accommodation for us at the Monastry 'St. Georgi'.

We thank our hosts with a present of a painting by the founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy.

Students from various schools greet us as we run into Negotino.

A runner from 'Strasho Pinjur' School gives the torch to a team member from 'Goce Delchev' School.

Our presentation at 'Goce Delcev' School in Negotino.

The Mayor of Negotino receives the torch.

The Principal of 'Goce Delcev' School, Negotino.

The students offer messages of Peace in Macedonian and in English.

This young man sings a famous Macedonian song.

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands .....

Warming up with the children from 'Dame Gruev' School in Gradsko.

Running into Gradsko.

Mayor of Gradsko

The Mayor and the Principal of the School hold the torch together.

Everyone is invited to join in for the traditional dance.

Anna is offered a flower as it is International Women's Day.

Luisa has a flower too!

Natalie, one of our intrepid Macedonian runners, blazes a trail!

Runners from SSU 'Ilinden', in the suburbs of Skopje, are ready for running the last kilometres for the day.

The Principal of the school 'Ilinden' in Skopje receives the torch

Visiting the classrooms of the engineering high school 'Ilinden'.

Разгледување на учиниците на средното стручно училиште "Илинден"