Nepal 13 February: Pokara

Schools in Pokara

Today we visit our first school in Pokara - STEP BY STEP School - a perfect message for the Peace Run.

Bikash leads our international team of runners.

The Principal and founder of the school, Ms Nirmala Baral, greets our Peace Run team coordinator.

Inspiring messages are everywhere we look.

Sandesh sings a famous Nepali song for us most charmingly.

Ms Nirmala Baral receives a Certificate from the Peace Run team.

On we run to LITTLE STEP School.

THe Principal greets us.

These dancers performed a wonderful traditional dance.

Everybody gets to run a lap of the school playground.

The school very kindly provides us with a delicious lunch.

Our final appointment is at Nilgiri English Boarding School.

The Principal welcomes the Peace Run.

A presentation in slow motion.

Dr Davidson Hepburn from the Bahamas.

Go teachers go!