New Zealand 14 February: Coroglen - Whangamata

Peace Run New Zealand 2020

Coroglen to Whangamata

Gemma from Riverglen Campground let the peace team camp at no charge. Thank you Gemma!

Katikati College school students at Riverglen Campground enjoy holdimg the torch.

Pushpendra getting the best angle to photograph the runners.

Peace team asking the students of Coroglen School "What does peace mean to you?"

Coroglen School teachers holding the torch.

On the way to Hikuai School.

Running into Hikuai School. We get a fantastic reception from the children.

Principal Murray Hawke welcomes the peace runners

Sean from Fiji introduces the peace run to the children.

Mandra plays the country guessing game with the children.

Placing Hikuai School's leaf on the Peace Tree Banner.

Artist Pete Delete – explains his Pickup Sticks sculpture dedicated to the Christchurch Mosque tragedy. Pete is holding his peace dove from the sculpture.

Principal Jethro Dyer and students hearing the motto of the peace run; "Peace begins with me."

Students doing an exercise to feel peace within their hearts.

Making a wish for peace.

Running for peace.

Back on the road again.

Helena introduced the peace run team to the Whangamata Area School assembly.

Pushpendra talking to the students about the importance of having peace in their lives.

Young students have written peace poems which they read out to the delight of the audience.

Planting a Peace Tree at Whangamata Area School.