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New Zealand

New Zealand Patrons

Since its inception in 1987, the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in New Zealand has enjoyed the support and patronage of a number of distinguished New Zealand athletes and sports coaches – to whom we are very grateful.


Arthur Lydiard

John Walker

Rod Dixon

Ian Ferguson

Sir Graham Henry


Allison Roe MBE

Allison Roe with the Peace Run Torch Allison Roe (b. 1956) is a champion long-distance athlete who excelled in the marathon distance during the 1980s. She first met the Peace Run's founder Sri Chinmoy in New York in 1981 after she won the New York City and Boston marathon that year. In 1987 Allison graciously became one of the first patrons of the innaugural Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in New Zealand and we have enjoyed her undying and enthusiastic support ever since. Allison currently supports and serves in a number of health organisations including holding positions on the boards of the North Shore Hospital Foundation and the Waitemata District Health Board. Still a committed athlete, Allison took first place in the Mountain Biking event of the World Masters Games in Auckland in 2017.

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Precious McKenzie MBE

Precious McKenzie Precious McKenzie (b. 1936) is a South African-born former weightlifter who won Commonwealth titles representing both England and New Zealand, and has won several World powerlifting and Masters World powerlifting titles. Like Allison Roe, Precious met with the Peace Run's founder Sri Chinmoy on several occasions over the years and also became a patron of the innaugural New Zealand Peace Run in 1987. A true champion and a force for inspiration, Precious has lived a remarkable life despite very trying beginnings in his native South Africa. He is relentlessly positive and enthusiastic, still trains with heavy weights and various exercise machines and runs a gym in the apartment block where he lives with his wife Liz north of Auckland.