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Behind the wonderful days of the relay – the hundreds of smiling faces and inspired lives – there has been a small army of supporters. They have offered vehicles, accommodated our runners in the many

towns and communities we have passed through, shared their dreams, offered food and hospitality, taken their own steps for peace by participating in so many diverse ways.

The Peace Run is a testament to the good hearts and shared dreams of people everywhere, and the level of support we have found nationwide highlights the Peace Run’s message – you and I together, we are the peace-makers, the bridge builders, we are the ones who will help to usher in a brighter future.
For this reason we are especially delighted to acknowledge some of our major supporters and sponsors, and to offer our gratitude for their services and for the many ways they have made this great relay possible.

Auckland City Toyota

Our deepest thanks to General Manager of Auckland City Toyota, Tom Barrows, for the generous loan of this awesome Hi-Ace for the duration of the 800km journey in the summer of 2024.

Here the team is at the Greenlane and Mt Wellington branches. Pictured with the team is Amanda Nathan of Auckland City Toyota.

TMK Packers

The lamp oil that keeps the torch flaming is donated by the loyal support of TMK Packers. Here is Charlotte of TMK with the 20 litre container. THANK-YOU SO MUCH!



Countdown Onehunga

Countdown Onehunga

Thanks to Countdown Onehunga for their great support. Here is Leilani with grocery gift vouchers, which we gratefully redeemed. 





A very big Thank You to the Interislander for transporting our two Peace Run vans, one trailer and ten of our Peace Runners over the Cook Strait and for providing for the return trip too.

We meet the Captain, Colin Batty and all the lovely crew including Suze Kolaczynski and Mayia Halbert. They were so encouraging and really delighted to hear about the Peace Run.

Shoe Science




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