Cze. 26, 2018 Live from the road

Drawsko Pomorskie - Szczecinek

Reported by Carlos Alberto Ramos De La Vega 75.0 km

Beginning the day in the beautiful nature of the lake land.

Staff of restaurant holding the peace torch. Thank you for your delicious breakfast.

Warming up before the running is also necessary.

A little break time at the lake...

A moment of silence.

Chingiz is a great runner and also a great swimmer.

Janek is always happy.

We met a small group of children at the lake.

Running the right direction, but not in the right place...

Finally we arrived in the town of Lubowo, where we supposed to have a meeting. After running trough the whole town we did not see anybody, except of these two bikers. We called the people of the city hall where are they waiting for us. They said right by the main road in Lubowo. Later on we found out that they where waiting in a different Lubowo, approximately 300 km away :).


On the way we found a line of bunkers from the WW2.

It was destroyed on purpose after the war.

We entered some of the remaining tunnels with the torch and met some local people inside.

A small ceremony inside the tunnel of the bunker.

Also we took a photo together outside of the bunker.

Never ending laughter.

When we reached Szczecinek there were 2 TV stations waiting for us.

Some local runners join us for a beautiful run by the lake.

Szczecinek is a very sporty city. You can find there even a wakeboard lift on the lake.

Great runners of Szczecinek.

Representative of the city is a great sports man.

Young footballers also held the torch.

And they ran with us with a great joy.

Torch carried by
Amur Bašić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Anita Costa (Portugal), Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Carlos Albero Ramos De La Vega (Guatemala), Chingiz Iskakov (Kazakhstan), Drishalu Grunstaudl (Austria), Jan Palasz (Poland), Janusz Wiewior (Poland), Krzysztof Krawczak (Poland), Puruvaj Nikolic (Serbia), Roger Rogge (Germany), Svetlana Ipatko (Ukraine), Valeriy Bilokryl (Ukraine), Zuzana Rybková (Czech Republic).  
Valeriy Bilokryl
The torch has travelled 75.0 km from Drawsko Pomorskie to Szczecinek.

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