Cze. 27, 2018 Live from the road

Szczecinek - Chojnice

Reported by Amur Bašić 69.0 km

Our start is at a former army base facillity from the time of the cold war, now an accomodation place for young runners (in age or in heart).

There are constantly small uphills and downhills, like waves in the landscape.

We reached the colourful city of Czarna.

There we had a meeting with the mayor. The complete city council was present.

Everybody wanted to hold the torch and offer wishes for peace.

We left Czarna with a special escort.

Big trees along our route offered shade on a hot day.

But ice cream was exactly what we needed during a short break.

In Jaromierz young members of the local running club joined us for a few kilometers. It is hard to keep pace with the young Polish athletes.

They fallowed us to city house of Czluchow.

The City supports sport initiatives and they were glad to share inspiration and ideas.

But there were a few more kilometers to cover this day... lightning speed, even... the city of Chojnice.

Local runners from the club Florian were surprised that members of our international team come from so many different countries.

Smiling faces are the order of the day.

Our Certificate of appreciation is very well examined to find signatures of all runners from our team.

After singing our Peace Run song...

..and passing of torch...

...all people on the main square of Chojnice wanted to hold the torch.

Torch carried by
Amur Bašić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Anita Costa (Portugal), Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Chingiz Iskakov (Kazakhstan), Drishalu Grunstaudl (Austria), Jan Palasz (Poland), Janusz Wiewior (Poland), Krzysztof Krawczak (Poland), Puruvaj Nikolic (Serbia), Roger Rogge (Germany), Svetlana Ipatko (Ukraine), Valeriy Bilokryl (Ukraine), Zuzana Rybková (Czech Republic).  
Valeriy Bilokryl
The torch has travelled 69.0 km from Szczecinek to Chojnice.

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