Oct. 19, 2023 Live from the road

Hastings City - Taupo

Reported by Mark Harvey 30.0 km

Te Pohue School children listen to the Peace Run Presentation.

Running with the Peace Torch.

Te Pohue School group photo.

Te Pohue School, teacher Steve holds the Peace Torch with Dan.

Jim outside Te Pohue School.

Motorists acknowledging the Peace runner along the road.

Don running a few more peaceful miles on the road.

The Peace Run torch runner arrives at the Taupo Sri Chinmoy Statue.

Taupo Sri Chinmoy Statue, visited by the Peace Run team.

Hilltop Primary School student leaders waiting for the Peace Run team to arrive.

Hilltop Primary student leaders waiting to hear the Peace Run Presentation.

Hilltop Primary Peace Run Presentation.

Hilltop Primary students assemble to hear the Peace Run Presentation.

Hilltop Primary students feel the presence of Peace in their Hearts.

Hilltop Primary junior students display artwork in the form of Peace Torches.

Hilltop Primary junior students receive the Certificate of Appreciation and Jhana Kala artwork for the school.

Hilltop Primary student leaders lead the Peace Run around the field and the whole school follows.

Hilltop Primary student leaders after planting the Peace Tree.

The team running some of the distance together.

Torch carried by
Ailsa Barker (New Zealand), Daniel Rubin (New Zealand), Don Kerr (New Zealand), Jim Lawless (New Zealand), Mark Harvey (New Zealand), nirakara Lincoln (New Zealand), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand).  
Mark Harvey
The torch has travelled 30.0 km from Hastings City to Taupo.

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