April 22, 2014 Live from the road

Ptuj - Cankova

Reported by Dipavajan Renner 72.0 km

Good morning Ptuj! Our last day in Slovenia started with a nice morning run.

A group of local runners gathered on the bridge and we started our run around the lake.

...Ptuj in the morning mist...

Dejan Zavec, former IBF Welterweight Champion, joined our team.

After our morning-run we reached the stadium in Ptuj.

Kids lined up for High Five...

...many kids...

After approx. 500 High Five's the hands are hurting...

The mayor addressed the children and we started our presentation.

Teachers who cheat in the country-guessing game get punishment.

The mayor of Ptuj received the Peace Torch. He welcomed us with very kind words.

...and all the children passed the torch.

Dejan was very busy giving autographs...

..we had fun with the balloons...

...a lap for Peace!

Thank you Ptuj for this enthusiastic welcome!

...it was time to say god bye to the kids...

A big Thank You to the Gostilna PP for hosting our team!

Ptuj joined the Sri Chinmoy Peace Blossom Project in 2013. The city has been dedicated to Peace last year.

Thank you for the ice cream!

We went on to a place for retired people.

...smiling faces...

Again we left Ptuj and enjoyed our run through the countryside.

We reached Juršinci. The mayor gave us a warm welcome.

The North-Eastern part of Slovenia is not very highly populated, but most beautiful.

Verkvenjak was next. The mayor welcomed us in a heartfelt meeting.

Runners from Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici awaited us and carried the torch into their community.

In Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici the deputy mayor welcomed us...

...new friends...

..and we reached Cankova, our last meeting in Slovenia.

The mayor is a good old friend of the Peace Run and gave us a really nice welcome.

...a symbolic run...

Thank you Cankova for the hospitality!
At this point we had to say good bye to Slovenia. The small country really conquered us with a big heart!

We spent the night in Domačija Firbas in Cerkvenjak. What a nice place to stay! Thank you alot!

Torch carried by
Adam Studenik (Slovakia), Chanakhya Jakovic (Great Britain), Claudia Tobias Rosales (Guatemala), Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Elisa Tobias Rosales (Guatemala), Emanuel Tomas (Croatia), Milan Bogar (Slovenia), Mirsada Iljazovic (Austria), Namitabha Arsic (Serbia), Rachel Pina (Portugal), Tomaz Pivec (Slovenia), Vladimir Grabovac (Bosnia and Herzegovina).  
Vladimir Grabovac
The torch has travelled 72.0 km from Ptuj to Cankova.

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