April 21, 2014 Live from the road

Velika Polana - Ptuj

Reported by Dipavajan Renner 67.0 km

We left Velika Polana - thank you again for the hospitality! Even the storcks like it here. There are 9 nests in the community...

...an easy Easter Monday Run...

...it seems we were the only people on the road...

..some smiling faces...

...our small group aproached Ljutomer.

We reached the main square of Ljutomer. The sun was still shining...

The deputy mayor of Ljutomer gave us a warm welcome. We really admired everybody who came out to meet us on such a big holiday.

Thank you Ljutomer for the great food and the nice welcome!

Our encounter with the local police had a good outcome...

We reached Ptuj.

Special thanks to the Terme Ptuj for making so many Peace Runners happy after a day out in the rain!

Also a big Thank You to "Villa Monde" for hosting our team! The Pizza was great!

Torch carried by
Adam Studenik (Slovakia), Chanakhya Jakovic (Great Britain), Claudia Tobias Rosales (Guatemala), Dipavajan Renner (Austria), Elisa Tobias Rosales (Guatemala), Emanuel Tomas (Croatia), Milan Bogar (Slovenia), Mirsada Iljazovic (Austria), Namitabha Arsic (Serbia), Rachel Pina (Portugal), Tomaz Pivec (Slovenia), Vladimir Grabovac (Bosnia and Herzegovina).  
Vladimir Grabovac
The torch has travelled 67.0 km from Velika Polana to Ptuj.

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