United States 20 April: Princeton, NJ - Media, PA

Happy Easter Philadelphia!!

We celebrated Easter Sunday by participating in the Philadelphia Easter Parade on South Street.

Local Philly resident making a wish for peace.

A powerful wish for Peace can ignite the flame.

Happy birthday to Vera, from Russia with love.

A sweet Philly family of seven.

Dennis the menace and Peter Cottontail.

The parade was followed by a costume contest.

Wishing for Peace.

After the parade the girl's team set out to finish up their miles.

Elsa from Argentina fills up the Peace torch.

Harita on the hard streets of south Philly....

A guest runner from Canada runs the final miles of the day.

Our international runner from Macedonia and Ukraine.


Official Peace Runners offered us best wishes for the team

A great finish to a wonderful day in Philadelphia. Thank you to our fantastic coordinator Pragati!!